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Servers on Club Penguin Island & #CPNext

It has just been confirmed by beta tester Madzom8ie that servers will not be around on Club Penguin Island but rather “worlds” which are pretty much the same thing. He shared this image on Twitter today. 

He also shared this pretty awesome loading screen for when you tap a world. 

He’s also published an awesome “Let’s Play” video on his YouTube channel, and I believe that he intends for this to become a series. You can check his video here

Furthermore, we now know that server jumping will definitely be in Club Penguin Island. This image shared by Bloxorz confirms it. 

Server (or world) jumping to a friend was a project known as #CPNext, but all were told by Spike Hike was that it’s out on the current Club Penguin app but that technology will be merged into Project Super Secret. Now we know this for sure! 

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