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Club Penguin Island Beta Testing Ending Next Week then Open Beta

Yesterday I made a post confirming that the beta testing of Club Penguin Island would end no later than the 17th of January but I made clear that Disney could end it anytime before this. It turns out that they’ll be ending it on the 1st of December.

Subhi2012 kindly posted this image which confirms that the beta testing will end on the first day of December. Not only that but it also shows that “game progress and items obtained will be lost”, meaning that everyone will start the game with nothing.

Furthermore, we have some exciting news shared by Madzom8ie. It turns out that there will be an open beta though we don’t know when this will be.

The same moderator said that it would be coming “soon”, so I’m not sure when this will be. I would not be surprised if it was in December, but my guess is January.
Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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