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Club Penguin Island Membership will be “More and More Worth it”

Megg has recently answered some of our membership price concerns, however she has given us a bit more to look forward to! She has said the following:

“As we [Club Penguin Island team] continue to add more to the game, it will make membership more and more worth it”.


That sounds great but also very concerning to those who can’t buy membership. You need to be a member to do practically anything, whether it be to wear clothes or to go on an adventure/quest. If there’s more things exclusive to members, I’m beginning to think like non-members will feel left out and that shouldn’t be happening. So many players are unhappy at how much little non-members get currently and it’s not looking like that’ll be any better in Club Penguin Island. By launch, I’m hoping that members will also be able to enjoy the game! I’m sure that the team are working on it!

At least we now are getting more and more information from Megg about something which once was super secret! I think that’s epic and I really appreciate the team making an effort to answer my questions along with questions from everyone else!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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