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Megg Addresses Our Club Penguin Island Membership Concerns

Yesterday information was revealed on just how expensive Club Penguin Island membership would be at £6.49 a month. Megg has responded to my question on the What’s New Blog and explained that nothing is set in stone yet.



The pricing still seems very complicated. Seven dollars for a membership is cheaper than it is now yet membership in the United Kingdom is more expensive. However, Megg has told us that $7 is what will be used to decide prices in other countries.

For the UK, I don’t think it’ll be as expensive as £6.49 a month. If the US is getting memberships cheaper, all countries should be getting memberships cheaper. $7 is roughly worth about £5.50, but that’s still more expensive than membership is at the moment. It’s too early to make decisions at the moment.

Currently, beta-tester Madzom8ie has shared screenshots suggesting that the price is $3.99 yet Megg is making it out to be $6.99. This is just proof that we will need to wait until the game launches! Remember to check back to hear the latest Club Penguin Island news and I’m aiming to share tomorrow how you could play Club Penguin!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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