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Popular Player Won’t Resume Blogging after Club Penguin Island Launches

Club Penguin Memories was the biggest Club Penguin blog. Owned by Trainman1405, Spike Hike used the fan-blog to show our community to new recruits in the game’s team. Recently, Trainman1405 quit blogging.

Club Penguin Island has given bloggers lots of new opportunities however it turns out that Trainman1405 will not be continuing his blog when the new game launches. This isn’t usual news for me to post, however I shall explain why I’ve posted it.

This was the top blog of Club Penguin. The question now is who’s going to be the top blog which even the Club Penguin Island team will read? This expands every blogger’s opportunities even more. I find it interesting however that Trainman1405 isn’t going to continue to blog, despite these huge opportunities.

Remember to check Club Penguin Mountains daily for the latest news! Have you heard that the geo-beta could be coming tonight?

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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