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“Fingers Crossed” for Club Penguin Island Beta Today

For the last three days, there’s been virtually no Club Penguin Island news as we are all waiting patiently for the geo-beta to launch. We’ve been informed that it would be live this week, however Megg has suggested in the comments of the blog that it’ll be today. Please bare in mind that the following message was written yesterday.  

Megg, i have a question, the Geo beta coming Today or tomorrow? -Eduarditho 

Our fingers are crossed for tomorrow! -Megg

This is epic news! There are workarounds to get the Club Penguin Island app even if you don’t live in Australia or New Zealand but there’s been some debate if people should use such methods. Either way, it’s a beta we can all look forward too! 

We’ll be covering the whole story on Club Penguin Mountains!

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126

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