Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island: A Bug That Must be Fixed

I’ve been testing out Club Penguin Island and so far, I’ve got to say that it is absolutely amazing! However, I have discovered a bug which I think poses a serious risk to the game. Let me start by explaining what the bug is.

You’ve probably pre-registered and you expect to be able to hop on and play right away as soon as you install the app! Well, turns out that might not be the case. Although I know my password and I’m sure I typed it in correctly, this happened as soon as I tried to log in.


Bare in mind that this was the message I got yesterday. It’s been almost 24 hours and it’s still there. No hacker would be trying at an account for that long! Here’s the problem with such a bug.

The solution which I was given by Megg and SheepVSGravity was to contact support. They usually take at least a day to reply. A penguin who just found the game browsing on the app store isn’t going to contact support and wait a day before playing it. I bet that they would just uninstall the app. After all, if you just download a game and it doesn’t work, you probably wouldn’t go through the effort of trying to be able to play.

But an MMO [massively multiplayer online] survives by having a flourishing population.

-Screenhog, a person who helped work on Club Penguin Island

As Screenhog said, a game like Club Penguin Island relies on having a large population. Think of how many uninstalls could be caused because of this bug! This makes it a huge problem which needs to be fixed.

The game is still in beta but this (along with the fact that it is SUCH a battery drainer) are the only problems I’ve encountered so far, which is pretty good! I just hope that the team can fix these issues before launch!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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