How to Download Club Penguin Island in ANY Country

Club Penguin Island is out as we speak for those in Australia and New Zealand but many players are wondering how to download the game. In this post, I’m going to teach you how to download the game in any country on Android 4.4 and above.

UpdateWith Club Penguin Island’s closure, this guide seems to be somewhat relevant again. Please note the following if you still intend to use it:

  • This only works for Android devices
  • You no longer need a VPN, just download the APK and prompt the install by clicking the notification

Step 1:


To start the process, you need to visit this site and click “download .xapk”. The site is extremely trustworthy. I’ve used it myself in the past and it’s got high ratings. It is essential you do this on your Android device.


Do not open it but continue the following steps whilst it is downloading.

Step 2:


Next go to this link and start the download of “APKPure”. Once again, ensure you are doing this on your Android device.


Whilst this is downloading, complete step three.

Step 3:


Next you need to go to the Google Play Store and download “VPN – Hola Free VPN”. Without this app, you’ll get a notice saying that Club Penguin Island isn’t in your country and ultimately, you won’t be able to play. This is a trustworthy and free app which I’ve used for years.


Step 4:

Wait for Club Penguin Island to finish downloading. If you open it, chances are it’ll say that there’s no compatible application to run the file. Don’t worry because the next few steps fixes that.

Step 5:


Install “APKPure”.  Once it has installed, open the app.

Step 6:

On the top right of your screen, there will be three lines. Click that button.

Step 7:

Click “APK/XAPK Management”. If it says “CP Island”, hit that install button. If it doesn’t, you may need to complete step one again, like I did.


Step 8:


Next open the Hola VPN which we downloaded in step three. Find CP Island in your list of apps. Click it and the image above should appear. Where it says “Browsing From” click the flag and change it to Australia.

Step 9:

Click “OPEN”. You may be asked to give Hola a permission on older Android devices. Do so.

Step 10:

You’ve now got access to Club Penguin Island! Ensure you repeat step 8 and 9 every time you want to play the game. It can be turned off in your notifications bar.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can download the app here. I’ve been testing out the game and it is SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to see you on the new island and now you can!

53 thoughts on “How to Download Club Penguin Island in ANY Country

  1. I tried to login my penguin, and appear a message “Network Connection Error – Please check your internet connection”, and i’m connected to wi-fi.

    • Hey, I’m not sure what you mean by the “Aunt Arctic part”. This tutorial teaches you to download the game and if you’re having issues in it, I’d suggest emailing “”.

  2. Hi i havetried VPNs and everything but nothing works am i doing something wrong? I downloaded the app via an australian account and using a VPN aswell still doesnt acces the game. I tried using NOX for PC which is a vurtial machine for android doing the same. PLEASE HELP

  3. I live in Poland and I tried to purchase member via service provider and it says incorrect currency or something like that, can anyone send me a fix?

      • I’m on ios and when I try to open the app it says cp island isn’t available in my country even though I have a vpn set to canada, please help, thanks

        • Hey,

          On iOS you cannot get membership until launch unless you buy an Australian/Canadian gift card.

          The VPN situation sounds weird. I’d recommend setting it to Australia but first, make sure you force close the app.

    • Can’t help with that, sorry. This tutorial only teaches you how to download the app BUT I’d suggest emailing “” and they should be able to help you out.

      Also, have you tried doing it on

  4. Whenever i try to go on the app it starts loading and stops. Then it says. Cannot load because you may not have purchased this app. Please Help!! 😦

  5. Although I’m not a common android user (I usually turn to apple), I found this very useful when needing to download this onto my phone AND my computer (via bluestacks, which is very reliable). Great find!

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