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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 24/12/16

Update: Turns out there was no bug but I just got it wrong. Thanks to Mystical Pie for helping me!

The new Daily Challenges are out on Club Penguin Island! As always, I’m going to try my best to help you complete it but truthfully, I believe that there is a bug preventing me from doing so. Let’s start by taking a look at the challenges.


Sign up:

Tap the green party hat at the bottom of your screen. Then click gear. Find the Lifeguard Kit and tap it!


Now head over to the boat at Beacon Boardwalk. Tap the top shark sign at the bottom of your screen when you are in the boat. Your penguin will hold up a sign and you will be able to claim your reward!


Lurchin’ for Urchins:

Note: I originally gave the wrong information. Here’s how to correctly do it! 

I believe that this is the challenge which is a bug or maybe I’ve got it completely wrong! Head underwater by entering the Sea Caves. Then go straight to the centre without entering any rooms where there are three layers of creatures guarding a crystal.

Swim up to the crystal in the middle and take it to complete this challenge!

Swiss Cheese:

Head back to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk. Use the same steps to open your sword (tap the green party hat – tap Gear – tap Wooden Sword) and head towards the Stinky Cheese on the ship. It is located next to Rockhopper and between the two steps.


Use the buttons on the bottom right to stab the Stinky Cheese. Once you do this 10 times, you will be able to claim your reward!


Look on the Bright Side:

Buy a “Sea Stick” or a “Glow Stick” from a party supply store. Not every store has one so I got mine from the Glow Grotto in the Sea Caves for just 10 coins. This is the deepest point underwater and it is in the centre.


You need to use 1000 of these but since it is a community challenge, members can help! Non-members will be able to claim the reward but they just cannot help earn it. You can use party supplies by clicking the green party icon, going to “Supplies” and finding the one which you want to use.


I apologise for this guide not being the best as I wasn’t too sure how to do it myself! The bug (or so I presume it’s a bug) didn’t really help either. Hopefully it was useful to you though.

Waddle on!


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