Club Penguin Island Bug: Under the Island

Club Penguin Island has many glitches where you can explore places which you shouldn’t be able to go. Most of the time, this requires doing special things which you can’t do accidentally and you can usually get out of them pretty quickly. 

Well, today I think I’ve discovered a bug on Club Penguin Island where you can go literally inside the island! Take a look! 

I was simply swimming in Beacon Boardwalk and I just jumped to a friend in the Welcome Circle. It seems that jumping is extremely buggy at the moment. If you’re not in the same area as the friend you jump to, the game will just crash and now it seems you can’t jump underwater! 

Most glitches just return you to Beacon Boardwalk when you move but this one doesn’t. You need to close the app which is why I’m considering it a bug. This has been reported to the Club Penguin Island team! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


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