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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 26/12/16

The new Daily Challenges are officially out on Club Penguin Island! They’re not too difficult however the community challenge seems pretty difficult to accomplish. Let’s take a look at them!


Confetti Ka-boom:

Head to the Sea Caves and go underwater. You need to reach the Party Submarine which can be down by jumping in, not going too deep, and sticking to the left. There are multiple signs so you shouldn’t get lost.

Once you’re there, head over to the lever next to the radar and press the orange interact button. Be careful you pull the lever for the confetti and not the lever to start the lights. Then you can claim your reward!


Eyesore on Fore:

You need to head over to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk! The first thing which you need to do is grab a mop. To do this, go to the right (east) of the ship and approach the flashing pot/vase. Tap the orange interactive button once you’re there. You can then mop by tapping the mop symbol at the bottom right of your screen.


Head over to the left (west) of the ship by the cannon and use the mop button. You’ll need to do it three times but then you will be able to claim your reward!


Wheel be Going:

Now head back to the other side (east/right) of the Migrator. You should see a steering wheel. Go to it and be certain that you are standing right next to it! Press the blue speech bubble next to the white “Tap to chat” text!


Now pick one of the orders in light blue, not dark blue! I circled an example of what you could say.


Once you’ve done this three times and you are next to the steering wheel, it will say that you have completed the challenge and you will be able to claim your reward.


Seaweed, indeed!

For this challenge, 5000 Seaweed Smoothies need to be consumed by penguins! I think that 5000 is a pretty large number and I would be surprised if this challenge is complete. To help contribute, head over to a party supplies vendor to buy “Seaweed Smoothie”. SS Convenience in Coconut Cove is a great place for members to buy them for 15 coins.


Then simply tap “Use Now” and consume it by clicking the orange interact button. If you are a non-member, you will need to ask a member who is a high enough level to buy a tray so that you can have a drink. Non-members cannot buy party supplies making it very difficult for them to help contribute to this challenge.


I do like how my penguin is closing his eyes whilst drinking that smoothie! I think that todays daily challenges were okay however I’d still love to see some riddles! I don’t see how penguins will be able to consume 5000 smoothies since the game is still in beta and most players are non-members.

I hope this guide helped. Be sure to stay tuned to Club Penguin Mountains for the latest CP Island news!

Waddle on!


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