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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 08/01/17

The new Daily Challenges have been released on Club Penguin Island! Unfortunately, they are bugged once again. The team usually fixes this when they wake up so I’m still going to help you complete them. In the meantime, why not check out this awesome glitch which I published yesterday?


Drummed Up:

If you are a member, head over to the stage in Coconut Cove. You probably know where it is but if not, it’s left (west) when you enter the area. Waddle over to the purple drums and tap the orange interactive button!


From there, you should be able to claim your reward once the bug is fixed. If not, play some riffs by tapping the blue buttons at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Change is Good:

Head back to Beacon Boardwalk and go up the ramp that takes you to the Designer and the Lighthouse. It can be accessed from the Welcome Plaza and is on the left (west) of the area. Once you are at the middle door of the Designer, tap the orange interactive button to complete this challenge.


Mind the Gap:

Head up to the Crow’s Nest of the Migrator. You can either take the Zipline from Picnic Hill or use the mat at the right (east) of the Migrator. From there, you need to waddle carefully and slowly across the line. I can do it pretty easily but it might take a few attempts for you to be able to do it!


Once you’ve got finished waddling across the line using your trackpad, you should be able to claim your reward.


Crabby Company:

For this community challenge, you’ll need to dress like a pirate! To do this, tap the blue “My Penguin” icon and open “My Style”. I would suggest wearing the Pirate Hat which unlocks early in Rockhopper’s Adventures.


With four friends who are also wearing a pirate outfit, head over to the Crab’s Den. To get there, simply go to the Sea Caves and dive really deep but stick to the left. You’ll see a sign and a crab directing you to the den.


Swim through the Den until you reach the end with your four friends. Since the challenge is broken, no-one was willing to help me complete this but once all four of your friends are here, you should be able to claim your reward.


That’s all there is to today’s Daily Challenges! I’d like to end this post by giving a shoutout and a thank you to TheGnarLover! We had a lot of fun on Club Penguin Island yesterday, checking out glitches, eating food, playing music and more. It’s also great that he reads this blog often!

TheGnarLover suggested that I rate Daily Challenges out of 10 and I think that’s a great idea which is why from now on, I will be rating these challenges at the end of the post as well as a few points as to why it got that ranking!




  • The community challenge will probably be a challenge to complete and that’s a good thing! But as TheGnarLover once said, “teamwork can achieve anything”!
  • We had to visit all three areas.


  • I completed the solo challenge in less than 10 minutes. It was that easy. Where are the riddles?
  • Please just fix this annoying bug. My suggestion is to make Daily Challenges reset when the team are in the office. Doing that will put an end to this pesky bug!

That’s all for now. I hope that this guide helped you. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!


One Comment

  • TheGnarLover

    Thanks for the shoutout! 😀

    Another thing i hope they will use more in Daily Challenges, is the “Eating at certain places” quests. It’s great because of 3 things:

    – Food gives a more important role, than just eating it.

    – We have to use Money, which then can make the challenge longer, if we don’t have enough.

    – This is the best part: It’s possible for non-members to do the challenge, because Members can help them. I really like how you can help each other to do a challenge (Like you do in riddles too). And i think it’s an awesome feature for Members, to have the ability to “help” other people.

    What’s even better? Combine Riddles and This. Like they did with the “Thirsty Jack’s Riddle”. It was so fun finding the solution together with others, and asking for help from each other.
    -“We have found the location, but I’ve drunk all my Cacao” “Don’t worry, I’ve got some”

    Thanks for the shoutout again, it was fun hanging out with you yesterday! 😀

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