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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 09/01/17

The new Daily Challenges were out on Club Penguin Island a few hours ago and we have a guide to help you complete them! I’d just first like to apologise for this being late but unfortunately I will usually post the challenges this late on weekdays due to school. I hope you will still find them helpful though! Let’s take a look at them.


Guard Duty:

Head over to the Throne Room by diving underwater in the Sea Caves. You’ll need to go quite deep but stick to the right until you see a sign for this room. Once you’re there, waddle over to the shield and tap the orange interactive button to equip it.


Once you’ve equipped the shield, waddle over to where the prison is. Once you are there, you will drop your shield but the challenge would be completed and you can claim your reward!


Go Nuts:

For this challenge, you need to harvest all the Coconut Trees in the Cove. There are four of these and to harvest them, simply waddle up to each one and tap the orange interactive button.

Each tree is located:

  • By the sign towards the Zipline
  • Next to SS Convenience, the party supplies market
  • To the left of the Stage
  •  To the left of the steps up to the Zipline

Once you have harvested all 4 trees, you will be able to claim your reward.


What Goes Up:

Head to the Lighthouse Deck in Beacon Boardwalk and as a member, go on your tube. Then just fall off the Lighthouse by using your trackpad. Once you fall back on the ground, just claim your reward!


Fish-doggone it:

Head over to the Foodtrekker near the Fishing Spot in Beacon Boardwalk. You’ll need to buy a few Fishdogs for 10 coins and as a member who is level 5 or above, I would suggest buying some Fishdog Trays to help non-members!


You can then eat it by accessing it from your inventory. The community needs to eat 5000 of these and I doubt we will achieve this. As a non-member. members who are level 5 can give you fishdogs. Simply waddle up to a person with this icon above their head and tap the orange interactive button, then eat it.




  • We had to visit every area
  • Took more than a few minutes to do
  • I didn’t experience the bug where it doesn’t work – then again I did do it many hours after they were live


  • The community challenge is unreasonably difficult to complete
  • Still not that challenging for solo tasks

I hope you enjoyed this post! Once again, apologies on it being so late. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!


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