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Two NEW Mascots Hinted on Club Penguin Island

Over a month ago, we reported that there would be new mascots on Club Penguin Island. Today we can share with you a sneak peek of the artwork for these two mascots as well as who they are! It is now known that the mascots will be Gary and Rookie.


In the images above, we can see that the new style of mascots hasn’t seemed to change the designs of these mascots too much though Rookie is wearing what looks like a lifejacket. The colour scheme remains the same and it is easy to recognise the penguins in the questions mark.

So what does the addition of new mascots mean? New mascots means that there will be more episodes of character adventures to complete which is great as there are only 15 episodes between Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic. I’m still hoping that they will be harder to complete!

I’m predicting that we will see at least one of these mascots when the game officially launches worldwide. If we don’t, then people will be able to finish all adventures within a matter of ideas.

What do you feel about these new mascots? Do you like their redesigns? Be sure to send any feedback to the team!

Waddle on!



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