Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 14/01/17

There are new tasks for us to complete on Club Penguin Island and as always, I’m going to help you complete them! Unfortunately, they are currently bugged so you’ll need to wait a few hours before they are fixed.


Whoa Cocoa:

This challenge can only be completed by members. Firstly, buy some “Hot Cocoa” from any party supplies market for 10 coins.


Head to the Lazy River in Coconut Cove. Wear your tube and once you have fallen down the waterfall, drink a hot cocoa to be able to claim your reward!


Sand vs Snow:

For this task, you simply need to throw 20 snowballs at Coconut Cove. Just head over to the Cove and tap this button on the sand to throw a snowball!


Tap the button another 19 times so that in total you have thrown 20 snowballs. Once you’ve done this, you can claim your reward. This is a repeat of a previous challenge.


I think I’m Gonna…:

Firstly, head over to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk. Open up your emoji tab and use the green sick emoji in the location in the picture below to be able to claim your reward once the bug is fixed!


5 Grrreat Pirates:

You’ll need to first wear a pirate hat by going to “My Designer” in the blue “My Penguin” tab. Ensure that you are wearing it. Get four friends to do the same!


Then head to the black flag by the entrance to the Migrator. All five of you need to open the Quick Chat menu and tap the “GRRR!” button to be able to complete this challenge!


That’s all for the guides today. I rate this challenge…



  • uh…there are no pros today


  • Completely buggy
  • Community challenge is only for members
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to do
  • Not difficult whatsoever

Do you agree with this rating? I hope this guide helped!

Waddle on!



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