Club Penguin Island Glitch: Sea Caves at Different Angles

I’ve got a really special post today with a glitch which my friend Foodtrekker showed me. I am unable to show you how to perform this as I’m sworn to secrecy but I have some really cool screenshots which I think you might like!

This glitch brings out some of the most amazing details and angles in the Sea Caves! My personal favourite is the one with the Throne Room, but the second one makes me feel a bit like Dory!

I’ve posted a few glitches in the past, but this one is my favourite one so far! Good luck being able to do it, it’s more obvious then you think!

-Torres 126


6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island Glitch: Sea Caves at Different Angles

  1. the club penguin site is no longer secure…

    if u go to it it says the connect to the site is not secured.
    the green security lock doesnt show

          • there membership page was fixed actually its just the others.
            ps: you gonna make a club penguin post about this?
            it may not be safe to log in. even when u are logged in the game playing it still shows that.
            we can expect closing announcement coming in a few days most likely.

            • Nah, I’m mainly focusing on Club Penguin Island now. I’d expect the closing announcement to be in a few weeks but I still believe that it’s safe to play classic Club Penguin.

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