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Club Penguin Island App Update & More

For the first time for hopefully many years to come, the Club Penguin Island app has received an update and is now version 1.0.1!

Other than bug fixes, the only major change is the addition of over 20 servers, though I’ve heard rumours that the quick chat has been adjusted a bit too.



The most interesting thing to me is that you can continue playing whether you have the update or not, even with other friends. Theoretically, it might even be possible to never update the app and have a beta version in a few years. If you try to “Friend Jump” to a penguin on a different server, it will say that there are connection issues.

An addition of so many servers suggests that launch is approaching us rapidly and maybe even at the start of March rather than towards the end. Ever since Superqami told me this morning (thanks!) I’ve wondered, what are your thoughts?

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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