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Club Penguin Island: DISNEY SHOP OUTFITS! (Paid?)

A penguin has sent me some of the code found in the Club Penguin Island files that contains code of some of the outfits that can be purchased at the Disney Store! Take a look!

“GlobalUI.ComingSoon.Content”: “Chapter 2”,
“GlobalUI.ComingSoon.Header”: “Coming soon!”,
“ToyStoryFabrics.Title”: “Toy Story Fabrics”,
“ToyStoryDecals.Title”: “Toy Story Decals”,
“MonstrousFabrics.Title”: “Woven Monsters”,
“Monstrous decals.Title”: “Monsters Decals”,
“Dory fabrics.Title”: “Dory fabrics”,
“Dory decals.Title”: “Dory decals”,
“Frozen fabrics.Title”: “Frozen Fabrics”,
“Frozen decals.Title”: “Frozen decals”,
“ToyStoryFabrics.Description”: “Dress up like a toy that comes to life!”,
“ToyStoryDecals.Description”: “The smallest items can bring great happiness”,
“MonstrousFabrics.Description”: “Give a lot of scares with these terrifying prints!”,
“Monstrous decals.Description”: “Your clothes will be a scandal with these decals”,
“Dory fabrics.Description”: “Take part of the ocean to the island”,
“Dory decals.Description”: “Immerse yourself in success with this outfit!”,
“Frozen fabrics.Description”: “Fashion from the best designers of Arandelle”,
“Frozen decals.Description”: “Do not forget to add a touch of magic”,
“ElsaHair.Title”: “Elsa Hair”,
“AnnaHair.Title”: “Anna’s Hair”,
“WoodysHat.Title”: “Woody Hat”,
“ElenaHair.Title”: “Elena’s Hair”,
“IsabelHair.Title”: “Isabel’s Hair”,
“NickWildeHead.Title”: “Head of Nick Wilde”,
“JudyHoppsHead.Title”: “Judy Hopps Head”,
“SullyHead.Title”: “Sully Head”,
“ElsaMakeup.Title”: “Elsa Makeup”,
“AnnaMakeup.Title”: “Anna’s Makeup”,
“WoodyBoots.Title”: “Woody Boots”,
“DoryCostume.Title”: “Dory’s Fantasy”,
“NemoCostume.Title”: “Fantasy of Nemo”,
“MikeCostume.Title”: “Mike’s Fantasy”,
“SullyCostume.Title”: “Sully Fantasy”,
“WoodyCostume.Title”: “Woody’s Fantasy”,
“BuzzCostume.Title”: “Buzz Fantasy”,
“ElsaDress.Title”: “Elsa Dress”,
“AnnaDress.Title”: “Anna’s Dress”,
“OlafCostume.Title”: “Olaf’s Fantasy”,
“NickWildeCostume.Title”: “Nick Wilde’s Fantasy”,
“JudyHoppsCostume.Title”: “Judy Hopps Fantasy”, (CLICK HERE TO SEE OUTFIT)
“ElenaDress.Title”: “Elena’s dress”,
“IsabelDress.Title”: “Isabel’s Dress”,
“ElsaHair.Description”: “Cold braids inspired by Queen Elsa”,
“AnnaHair.Description”: “Play in the snow with the Anna-inspired hairstyle”,
“WoodysHat.Description”: “Impossible to shout” iiiirrá! “Without this hat”,
“ElenaHair.Description”: “Now you can rule your own kingdom!”,
“IsabelHair.Description”: “Made for a Princess, Worthy of a Queen”,
“NickWildeHead.Description”: “What is the sound that fox does? Use this to find out.”,
“JudyHoppsHead.Description”: “By the holy cheese!”,
“SullyHead.Description”: “Who would NOT like to look like James P. Sullivan?”,
“ElsaMakeup.Description”: “Let your eyes shine”,
“AnnaMakeup.Description”: “Simple but effective”
“WoodyBoots.Description”: “There is no snake in these boots”,
“DoryCostume.Description”: “Continue to swim, continue to swim”,
“NemoCostume.Description”: “Funny as a clownfish! Or is this an incorrect assumption?”,
“MikeCostume.Description”: “Be the Mike Wazowski you’ve always wanted to be,”
“SullyCostume.Description”: “Yes, this costume is as soft as it looks”,
“WoodyCostume.Description”: “Enter the joke with this clothes way”,
“BuzzCostume.Description”: “To Club Penguin Island and Beyond!”,
“ElsaDress.Description”: “Use this and the cold will not even bother”,
“AnnaDress.Description”: “Great for parties, but not so much for walking in the snow”,
“OlafCostume.Description”: “Will not melt if used in summer”,
“NickWildeCostume.Description”: “Even a penguin can disguise himself as a fox,”
“JudyHoppsCostume.Description”: “Solve the case in this fancy”,
“ElenaDress.Description”: “Ready to be a princess? It’s your time!”,
“IsabelDress.Description”: “Smart fashion for an intelligent princess.”,
“Account.Create.LegalDoc.cookie_ppv2_proxy”: “Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy”,
“GlobalUI.Accessibility.ClubPenguinIslandLogo”: “Disney’s Club Penguin Island”,
“Marketplace.Button.Browse”: “Access”,
“Marketplace.Purchase.Error.Title”: “Impossible to buy”,
“Marketplace.Purchase.Error.Body”: “Oops, you gave something wrong, but you were not charged,”

These are SO cool! We can see Frozen outfits, Zootopia outfits, Toy Story outfits, Nemo and Dory outfits and Monster Inc. outfits! Granted, not the largest selection ever. We also know that they appear to be for members but I am so excited!

What’s interesting is above the lines of Disney Shop code, there is something that says “you were not charged”. This seems really weird for in-game currency. Perhaps we can buy them with real money?

Update: Only members can purchase them with virtual currency. There will also be no in app purchases.

“Marketplace.Purchase.Error.Body”: “Oops, you gave something wrong, but you were not charged,”
“DisneyShop.Accessibility.Slide1Btn”: “Button of slide 1”,
“DisneyShop.Accessibility.Slide2Btn”: “Slide 2 Button”,
“DisneyShop.Accessibility.Slide3Btn”: “Slide 3 Button”,

That’s only a theory but those pieces of text seem pretty weird. That’s not in! There will be a wishlist AND chapter 2 is coming soon!


I can’t wait for them to launch and that could be really soon. Take a look at this image from November where the Disney Shop is open!

Update: It has been confirmed that the Disney Shop will be open at worldwide release. Click here to learn more.


The store is open in this video and the outfit is in the files! Could we see the Disney Outfits in worldwide release? If so, I’m excited!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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