Win a Physical Club Penguin Badge!


Many penguins have requested that I sell the Club Penguin badge I got but rather than do that, I’ve decided to give it away! In fact, over time, I will be able to give away four of these badges! If you win, you will need to send your address to me but everything else is free, including postage.

This unofficial badge is an image of the final hidden pin, containing two penguins and the party hats of the game. It measures around 50mm, meaning that you can wear it perfectly! The quality is great in my opinion, but I’ve shown you some photos for you to make your own decision!

To enter, please ask for parent’s permission as this is a physical giveaway. I cannot guarantee that it will arrive but I will always share the receipt of postage so that you know it’s been sent. Also, some countries (eg. Canada) might not be allowed to enter due to the country’s postage laws.

By entering, you agree to this page and the paragraph above.

This giveaway has now been closed but we will be giving away more badges in the future!

As this is a thank you giveaway, I’ve decided to end the giveaway a day after or the day we hit 75K views. I’m thinking that this will be really soon, so be sure to enter quickly! The winner will be drawn at random and then I will email/DM them asking for your address. I doubt many people will enter so you’ve got a pretty good chance of winning! If you don’t, I plan to host another one when we reach 100K views!

Good luck!

-Torres 126


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