Club Penguin Island Version 1.2 – MORE SNEAK PEEKS!

Along with yesterday’s sneak peeks containing a map and new layouts, we have also received some more sneak peeks about pandas in celebration of World Panda Day!

Here’s the GIF they posted, which I have slowed down a bit and made loop:

Here we can see the outfits of the pandas in Club Penguin Island, which is pretty cool! Not only that, but you can see the panda emoji all coloured in! Cute, I hope they continue these random sneak peeks!

We also now know that each update will add a 0.1 to the number, not a 1. For example, the April update will be version 1.2, not version 2.

Fun story, there’s someone in my class who is obsessed about pandas. He plans to play Club Penguin Island just because of this. At least I think/hope that anyway. Thanks for reading!

-Torres 126


14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island Version 1.2 – MORE SNEAK PEEKS!

  1. I just want to see how long it will took to Yehaw to add coment, trust me, he coments alot xD, anyway, soo the pandas are comming to CPI, hope they dont eat penguins xD.

  2. Oh um Torres, just found something very interesting, in the gif when the panda rotates then says “Disney Club Penguin Island” but under it says “BORN IN CHINA in theaters April 21”. What if that costume release in april 21, and the costume comes with the new 1.2 update, and the update comes with the worldwide launch? April will be HUGE.

    • Hi! That would likely be a coincidence, but it’s important to note that version 1.1 is likely to be the last update until after worldwide release. This is because they removed the geo-lock.

      The costumes COULD release April 21 but I would guess that date because it’s a day before Earth Day! As such, it makes sense to start the event then!

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