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CP Island Membership Prices Decrease (and that’s bad)

Just a quick update to let you know that the App Store listing of Club Penguin Island now confirms prices for membership…and they’re not good. These are finalised pricings.

$4.99 USD/month

Let me explain. I’m glad the UK pricing has decreased. You can see some of the many complaints and concerns I have about memberships here.

UPDATE: They’ve lowered them further and that’s great! Club Penguin Island has become even more amazing! Disagree? Read my opinion on the criticism to our island here.

UK prices – still not great. The good news is now it takes a year for it to become double the price of classic, not six months. And then we get to the US price…

How is it possible that after the same timeframe of a year (assuming you bought 2 six month memberships) you essential get another six month membership of Classic free. This is a bit confusing, but basically, you get 3 months worth of Classic membership with CPI rates in US dollars, yet the UK has to pay double the price for 1 year worth of Classic membership with CPI rates.

The worst part is I completely get why they’re doing it. The UK audience is nowhere near as relevant as it used to be. They laid off all the workers here and the vast majority of the players are from the US.

I get it, but I don’t like it. Membership prices are too biased towards the United States. If they get so much more value compared to Classic, how come we in the UK get so much less value compared to Classic? Me understanding means I get why there would be favouritism to the US. But such a large amount? I’m not happy with that.

Membership prices are not cool unless you live in the US. I get why there would be favouritism to that country but SO much? It’s ridiculous. For the game to be a success here in the UK, membership needs to be sorted out. My fear is that the team don’t even care if it’s a success in the UK.

-Torres 126


  • vixyre

    I’m from the US but I totally agree. Even if Disney was formed in the US, and the majority of players are from here, that doesn’t make it right. I’ll be honest, Disney really does go for the money (which really sucks because I love their products.) But somehow we need to explain to them that, if they lower the prices in the UK, there will be more players, more memberships, more money for Disney, and more happy people. It’s a win win situation for everyone. I hope it gets sorted out. I can see a bright future with this, but it just needs a few adjustments, and make it a fun environment for everyone, INCLUDING non-members. If they do that, and the non members find it fun, they’ll be excited and want to save up for membership. It’s like giving them a taste of what they could have- but instead we barely get that. That’s the kind of thing that loses players.

    • Torres 126

      Hey, thanks for reading! The good news is that the team took this feedback onboard and did reduce the price by £1, which is a pretty big deal. But yes, I completely agree. People are curious on whether or not the game being on mobile has to do anything with it and if people are less likely to purchase membership. Only time will tell I guess. Thank you! 🙂

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