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Cadence WILL Return to Club Penguin Island

Despite Megg confirming Cadence would return to Club Penguin Island at a meet-up a few weeks ago, many have been doubtful about this. Once again, Megg has stated that she is returning at her meet-up today!

She also re-enforced that there would be new mascots and adventures in April, which is cool to hear! I’m glad to hear of the return of Cadence and I’m curious what types of quests she will give us. Only time will tell!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    WAIT, was there a meet-up that i missed :'(

    Also, I wasnt that suprised… I think that i saw her at the left from Jet Pack Guy on the picture with “Mysterios Characters”

    Another thing, I saw that the roof of the stage is the same as the dance club on the latest town update on CP, maybe she will be somewhere nearby or new dance room? WHO KNOWS….. Megg..

    • Torres 126

      Yeah. There was a St. Patrick’s one today. The CPI one is over but there’s a CP one in a few hours!

      I don’t Cadence was in the Mysterious Characters. That looked like Rory in my opinion.

      Wow, didn’t notice that! Also, thank you for showing me those glitches earlier today!

    • YehawCP Studios

      Omg omg omg, you can make a cadence costume in CPI! There was a penguin with a Cadence costume and I totally was confused if it was the real cadence or not! But she told me she was a fake and not the real cadence lol

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