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Club Penguin Island Event – 17/03/17

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Megg posted a meet-up on Alpline on the blog. It was a huge amount of fun, with many players attending, along with many members of staff!

What:   St. Patrick’s Day celebration
When:  12PM Penguin Standard Time
Where: Club Penguin Island, Alpline
Who:    Megg, Boltzor, Partysaurus, Captain Pirate, Sir Champion, SheepVsGravity, Stackoverflo,                    healthychoices

The party was great fun! We started a band, shared stinky cheese and squid sticks, danced at Boardwalk, practised our racing skills and threw party blasters – many of them. I got over 1000 coins just by going to one meet-up and healthychoices certainly did not hold back. 

I really appreciate the team using any reason to throw a party, they’re so fun! Thank you to the team for hosting this and everyone else for making it epic!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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