What’s an event on Club Penguin Island? (+ Earth Day News)

April 22nd is Earth Day and to celebrate, the team are hosting some kind of event. We still don’t know what events are, other than they are not parties, but the team have now confirmed that there will still be some sort of decorations.

Honestly, it’s hard to tell the scale of what they’re talking about since we’ve never seen even a sneak peek of an event before, but this sounds pretty cool! It’ll be awesome to see a Welcome Circle event for it, with maybe a tree in the middle and animal outfits dropping from above!

That being said, I would also like to see some new decorations scattered around the island. Maybe just a few trees – something basic, but something there. Events scare me because events are the name of the thing in the Welcome Circle. Could it possibly be that this is ALL there is for events?!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


4 thoughts on “What’s an event on Club Penguin Island? (+ Earth Day News)

  1. I know for sure – Pandas will be added 🙂
    Go tell your friend – the obsessed about pandas, to play the game on 22 April. Im sure he wont take off the suit, even if it start to smell. xD
    Also for the decoration, I want to add something outside the playing zone, where i could do a glitch, Jump on it and reach unreachable destinations.. Woooo. Ok, im maniac on glitches in this game.

      • I mean to the way to the “Awesome” glitch, where you jump from tree to tree… If they add another tree, make it solid, and maybe go further, imagine if we go on top of mickey’s ears.

        And yea, The underground glitch is removed :'(, the campfire gllitch is removed :'(, and another small ones.

        And before i forgot, Will you add the “Awesome” glitch in the site? ❤

        • Oh, that would be so cool! Yeah, the underground ones were the best.

          Yes, just been kind of busy today. If all goes well, tomorrow or Monday I’ll be able to post them but thank you for showing me them! 😊

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