Mountains will be new Area in May 

According to healthychoices, Blizzard Mountain will be a new area coming in May. Yovas kindly allowed me to use this screenshot which he took.

Whether or not healthy is a staff member remains a mystery – but this is the extra proof we need. After all, Megg has already told us that there would be new areas in May and the only area we’ve received information about is the Mountains, like how we can Sled Race on it. I’m curious when the Forests will come out too, but this is great as well!

This is pretty cool and I really am curious to see how the Mountains area will be like. Once again, a huge thanks to Yovas for the image in this post!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


14 thoughts on “Mountains will be new Area in May 

  1. I just can’t wait! Maybe the sled racing will be called tube racing. Also I wand to see it like the temple run game. I mean, tilt the device to move, and watching from back. Or like subway surfer. I don’t know what is going to be but It’s going to be cool. Can’t wait. Until then, WADDLE ON!

      • Oh, i didnt even see that it has an updated part. But my idea was to go to underground (Not outside the map). And the way to do it, before (while the glitch wasnt patched) we go outside by going under the ground and then under the water slide, right? And now, as we are outside, go under the slide then its like small part ground and then water again, that water is the one thats underground. its hard to explain, but you got my idea. And it worked. 🙂 Maybe I should tell you how to do it a bit better.

        • The tricky part that I was trying to figure out today was how you actually go underground. Yes, you go through the slide and everything, but so many good glitches are unlocked by the ability to go underground.

        • Tbh, I don’t think that would happen (the arcade room) because we’ve now got areas which are much bigger. Also, Thin Ice and Astro Barrier probably won’t the most popular games in classic.

          • But at least they should make a website just about arcades and not really servers (Something like ClubPenguinArcades(dot)com), so they do not have to pay to run it or pay really cheap 🙂

            • The issue is that I’m guessing on March 29th, EVERYTHING will be deleted. They’ll start with media one and work until all the media files are gone forever. Then they’ll delete all videos and posts etc. It will truly be the end on that day, no going back.

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