XP Will Transfer over on CP Island in April*

According to healthychoices, the XP which we earn now as a max-level player will automatically increase our level when new levels come out next month.

“Will this XP be transferred to the new levels next month?”



-healthychoices (I know healthy said this because they moved afterwards)

*It is not 100% known whether or not he/she is a mod. Until now, they mostly gave information that was already accessible. No staff member refuses to acknowledge whether he/she is a mod or even their gender. That being said, they throw out SO many party blasters. I made 2000 coins from them which I will reinvest in future parties. As such, I now think that they are a mod.

This is amazing news, especially to players who are level 12! Be sure to check back for the latest news and a cool post on glitches tomorrow!

-Torres 126


2 thoughts on “XP Will Transfer over on CP Island in April*

  1. So, here is how im thinking – more xp means more levels. More levels means more costumes, emojies, fabrics and quests. Panda costume is coming soon – new costume. New emojies as we saw in the sneak peeks. Fabrics becouse… why not. And finally new quests. Aunt – chapter two comming soon. But when? I know what you are thinking. These levels are comming with new quests. Thats right. GLITCHING ON!

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