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How to Climb Stuff on Club Penguin Island

There is so much stuff that I never knew you could climb and see on Club Penguin Island, but Danar435 was kind enough to take the time to show me how (thank you!). Here’s a few pictures I took, after which I will explain how to climb the Mountains and the trees.

The Tree in Coconut Cove:

The perfect spot for lifeguards

Step 1:

Swim to the chairs by the buoy on the island in Coconut Cove.

Step 2:

Stand behind the tree you want to climb.

Step 3:

Jump. Keep jumping in the direction where the tree goes to be able to reach the top! From there you can use your binoculars to take an awesome photo!

SS Convenience:

Step 1:

Head over to Coconut Cove and go to the Coconut Tree next to SS Convenience. By the left of it is a pole.

Step 3:

Jump to the top of the pole then use your trackpad to jump on the Party Supplies market. And now for my favourite.

The Mountains of Boardwalk

Step 1:

Head to the Lighthouse. Do the Shop Glitch where you can get on top of the Designer by jumping off but holding your trackpad to the left.

Step 2:

Open and close settings. You’ll be in a zoomed out view and the portal will reset to there.

Step 3:

You can go almost anywhere!

Suggestion one: Jump on the rock and move upwards

Suggestion two: When you fall, use your tube! You like, spring out into the air. It’s pretty cool!

Suggestion three: Just explore. If you follow step two, you don’t need to worry about portals!


Once again, a HUGE thanks to Danar435 for showing me these glitches! I hope you like them!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Still having trouble getting to the mountains. I can’t get at the very top of the building, only on the shade. Do you have any other tips? Or just practice?

    • Torres 126

      Yeah, I struggled getting at the part of the Designer too, and truthfully, I don’t really have many tips. I’ll let you know if I figure out an easier way but I guess for now it’s just partly luck. Sorry!

    • Danar435

      Ok, i got a tip to go on the roof, when you jump, DON’T jump on the side of the desinger, jump at the front, and try to land on top of the emoji sign. Also, before you jump, it’s a good idea to start at the bottom left of the yellow-black rectangle on the lighthouse. Ive done this glitch soo much, that now im doing it every 2 tries. Good luck! GLITCHING ON!

  • xEthanzz

    So how exactly do I tube jump. When I jump off the back of the Designer my tubes doesnt spring me into the air? Is there a certain way to get your tube to fly upwards?

    • Torres 126

      You should jump off the back of the Designer and open and close settings whilst falling. Then just tap your tube and maybe hold the trackpad upwards and after a few tries, you’ll get your tube to fly upwards!

  • Aerospray

    Just got stuck below the map 🙂 Can’t quite get the lift when using the tube on the designer. Also, could you tell me any way to get on the Welcome Shop? I have seen some people, maybe it is the trampoline event? Who knows!

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