How to Climb Stuff on Club Penguin Island

There is so much stuff that I never knew you could climb and see on Club Penguin Island, but Danar435 was kind enough to take the time to show me how (thank you!). Here’s a few pictures I took, after which I will explain how to climb the Mountains and the trees.

The Tree in Coconut Cove:

The perfect spot for lifeguards

Step 1:

Swim to the chairs by the buoy on the island in Coconut Cove.

Step 2:

Stand behind the tree you want to climb.

Step 3:

Jump. Keep jumping in the direction where the tree goes to be able to reach the top! From there you can use your binoculars to take an awesome photo!

SS Convenience:

Step 1:

Head over to Coconut Cove and go to the Coconut Tree next to SS Convenience. By the left of it is a pole.

Step 3:

Jump to the top of the pole then use your trackpad to jump on the Party Supplies market. And now for my favourite.

The Mountains of Boardwalk

Step 1:

Head to the Lighthouse. Do the Shop Glitch where you can get on top of the Designer by jumping off but holding your trackpad to the left.

Step 2:

Open and close settings. You’ll be in a zoomed out view and the portal will reset to there.

Step 3:

You can go almost anywhere!

Suggestion one: Jump on the rock and move upwards

Suggestion two: When you fall, use your tube! You like, spring out into the air. It’s pretty cool!

Suggestion three: Just explore. If you follow step two, you don’t need to worry about portals!


Once again, a HUGE thanks to Danar435 for showing me these glitches! I hope you like them!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


11 thoughts on “How to Climb Stuff on Club Penguin Island

  1. Still having trouble getting to the mountains. I can’t get at the very top of the building, only on the shade. Do you have any other tips? Or just practice?

  2. So how exactly do I tube jump. When I jump off the back of the Designer my tubes doesnt spring me into the air? Is there a certain way to get your tube to fly upwards?

    • You should jump off the back of the Designer and open and close settings whilst falling. Then just tap your tube and maybe hold the trackpad upwards and after a few tries, you’ll get your tube to fly upwards!

  3. Just got stuck below the map 🙂 Can’t quite get the lift when using the tube on the designer. Also, could you tell me any way to get on the Welcome Shop? I have seen some people, maybe it is the trampoline event? Who knows!

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