Club Penguin Island

How to play Club Penguin Island in Landscape Mode

As you may know, Club Penguin Island is restricted permanently to portrait, but there are many advantages to a landscape mode, such as video recording and taking pictures. Thanks to MikeyMichaelhere’s a guide on how you can take screenshots like these on an Android device:

Step 1:

Firstly, head over to the Google Play Store. You’ll want to download “Set Orientation”.


Step 2:

Wait for the app to download. When it does, it will come up with a menu once you open the app. Scroll to the bottom and find landscape.

Step 3:

Open Club Penguin Island and enjoy!

It’s as simple as that, yet it’s super neat! This won’t get you in trouble since you’re not “hacking” or “changing” the game, just the dimensions on your screen and whilst there are advantages, there are disadvantages too. For example, the buttons become smaller and it’s harder to see chat if your keyboard is large.

Update: Everything seems perfect on CP Island in landscape mode but we now know why it won’t be coming out in landscape mode anytime soon. Disney have said this:

“It’s hard if you’re a kid to hold a tablet in landscape mode. With the new app, kids don’t have to stretch their fingers across the tablet.”

Once again, a huge thanks to MikeyMichael for this information!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    Mehh, it would be cool on tablet (Ipad) as your, but mine is like a big phone! Soo, its kinda easier to play like normal. But thanks for that tip, GLITCHING ON!

      • Yehaw the amazing

        Good that I do not have permission to use my phone except for general phone stuff (no games cuz small screen or spending much time on it). But I can use my iPad! And maybe glitch it on my computer! (With iTunes)

        • Danar435

          Before, I’ve connected a small keyboard to my tablet, and tried CPI with it. No luck at all. I was thinking that i may control with the arrows, and chatting with the letters. Anything. When i started to type something, it didnt type anything, but when i press (! ? . , etc) It worked. But hope you have luck with the emulator or whatever you are using. GLITCHING ON!

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