Thank you for 100K Views (Giveaway & Party)

32 months ago, this blog hit 10K views. Today we hit 100K, and that is a huge deal for me. For that, I would like to truly say thank you. Also, in celebration, I will be giving away some Club Penguin merchandise and throwing a party, so keep on reading!

In October 2013, CPT126 hit 300 views. This was a massive deal to me and to think we have now reached over 333X more than that is incredible, I cannot thank you enough. I would love to go over the history of Club Penguin Mountains and how we got here, but my appreciation for this cannot be explained. To think that 100 thousand pieces of content on a blog which I created for fun just blows my mind. At 17:50pm GMT, I saw this:

And that’s because of you, the reader. Also, every author in the past, no matter how many posts they made. Thank you, and I really mean that. The threats, dislikes and hate have all been worth it due to the support I get, and the future of blogging about CP Island is exciting. Thank you!



How can you surpass a significant milestone without a party? The dates were difficult as the closure of Club Penguin was so close, and I had to decide whether or not to host it on CP or CPI. Ultimately, there are already so many amazingly planned parties for CP and I’ve got something planned on the 29th that isn’t a party but still means we can all have fun together.

Also, CP Mountains is awaiting the excitement of the future, and CPI is the future. It only seems fitting that a party is hosted on CP Island and so we shall, on Friday 31st of March at 13:00 PST. In Washington, that’s 16:00, in the UK, that’s 20:00 and in Australia, that’s 07:00 on the Sunday.

This is different to the meet-ups which I’m planning – this is to celebrate! There will be loads of party blasters (including an EXTRA LARGE one, which costs 600 coins at the start and at the end), food, activitiesevents and of course, it will be fun. CPI gives us the tools of hosting parties, let’s use them! I hope to see you there!


This giveaway was hard to do and since Club Penguin is so close to the sunset, I didn’t want to just give a code. The only way to overcome this was to do a physical giveaway, and this time I’m giving away a bunch, which you can see above! I have to balance it so that everyone in the world can participate without me having to spend a fortune on postage but to make sure that it’s still something cool.

So, I’m giving away some merchandise! All of it is in a new condition except for the two figures, but don’t worry since they’ve lived in a cupboard for a while and I frequently clean my figures. If you already have the merchandise above, still enter, and we’ll work something out and I can possibly replace something for something else.

The mystery prize is nothing big, just something you might like, and I can guarantee you don’t have it. I will fill up the envelope to ensure it reaches 249g with loose Card Jitsu cards. So how do you win?

Easter is over 3 weeks away but I couldn’t wait! Simply find these eggs in the image below: I don’t want to make you search the site. Find the co-ordinates of the egg by going from the bottom and across. For example, the letters “eg” would be 18,9 in this image. Some might be really hard to find, but you don’t need to find all of them!

Each egg you find gives you 2 points, but on the form below there will also be two trivia questions. Each correct answer gets you one point. The amount of points is the amount of times you will be entered into the giveaway. The maximum number of points you can earn is 18.

To enter, please ask for your parent’s permission as I will post these items to you. I cannot post to all countries due to postage laws and whilst I can’t guarantee an item will arrive, I will send you proof it’s been posted. If you win, please reply within 2 days or else a new winner will be selected. The giveaway ends on the 29th of March. The Terms and Conditions can be viewed here. May the odds be ever in your favour!



Thank you so much for the support over the years! I am so excited for the future, thank you! 😀

Waddle on!

-Torres 126



42 thoughts on “Thank you for 100K Views (Giveaway & Party)

    Good work buddy, for that time you’ve successfuly reached 100K visitors! (Thats more than my money in the game lol) For now my site maybe has 2 visitors (me and someone else) But im working oon new desing. Anyway, i love giveaways with minigames – like this 😉 Yea it was difficulty, the hardest two were 1 and 2 lol. Keep waddling penguins 😀 And GLITCHING ON! (Thats what im saying now)

    • THANK YOU!

      Yup, 100K views though. Visitors is around 33K, but I’m still really thrilled to surpass such a huge milestone! I’ve visited your site before, so I think I’m the other person! Good luck with the new design, let me know when it’s done!

      Yup, good luck! I tried to make a few fairly difficult. Lol, I like “glitching on”. 😊

  2. Congratulations bro! Btw I nominated you for the last POTW! And I hope you win! And if CP Island releases in March 30, I will TOTALLY be in your meet up! (It’s not a promise but I will try to attend it!)

  3. Congrats dude! 🎉🎉 This is a huge achievement, and you deserve it! How long has this blog been up BTW? Can’t wait to see this blog in the future. 😊

    • Nah, but there are already so many great events planned for the next week. That being said, ton the 29th we can all hang out together since I’ll probably end up playing for most of the afternoon. I also have something special planned for the 29th as a way of archiving these memories forever! 😀

  4. Wait, is that meet-up and giveaway for 100K views ot 115K views? LoL, hope you get 200K soon, and it will be soon becouse sometiomes i see your site when i type Club Penguin Island in GOOGLE. And sometimes 40 readers at the same time. Wow, thats insane, buddy. Keep doing good work and GLITCHING ON!

    • 100K views, I didn’t expect to hit 115K views so soon! I really appreciate you all visiting this blog, it blows my mind! And to see 40 on at the same time is INCREDIBLE, it used to be just two or three, which was still amazing!

      Thank you! 😀

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