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Bug affects CP Island Usernames

Hi! This is just a quick update about a “bug” which I see happening on Club Penguin Island. Completely approved usernames have been changed to “cp” with no warning and their are no traces of their username. Even when searching their original one, nothing appears.

It is not known why this is happening but my guess would be that the team have picked it – though I’m not sure why. All of these usernames were appropriate and previously approved. I hope that this is fixed soon but basically, if you’re affected, so are many others. Hope this helps!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    Yea ive been seen a few people in my friend list with cp(numbers) names, my first reaction was “When do i friend or accept a non-verified penguin”, but something interesting, is that they are with small cp, the other ones were CP. Anyway, the new desing of my site IS COMPLETE! with only one page lol. Also ive revived the Wellcome Plaza glitch, and i will show it to you as soon as i see you (Cant play right now). GLITCHING ON!

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