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Club Penguin Island Blog to Launch at Worldwide

Just a quick update that the Club Penguin Island blog release has been moved to the date of worldwide release, but Megg has promised a new feature which the one web developer is working on!

I’m really excited for this feature! The team sure have put a lot of extra effort into this, especially since it was estimated to come out in January/February time! I can’t wait to see it and I wish the team luck in making it as awesome as possible!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    Worldwide launch? COME ON! Who knows when the game will launch. Maybe they will move the worldwide launch aswell. Sometimes, i think they work sooo slow. COMEE ONN! BTW torres, i showed the GREATEST glitch in my GREATEST blog, how to turn the interface PINK! Giving you premission to post that in your site 😉

    • Torres 126

      The chance of worldwide release being delayed is extremely possible, but there’s no indication of that happening yet. In fact, they’ve got version 1.1.2 ready and devs can already play on it. My guess is launch on Wednesday.

      That’s a really cool glitch! If you ever make a banner for your blog, let me know and I’ll add it here. Thanks for the permission, but I think I’ll just link to your post since you explained it really well! 😀

  • Danar435

    Ahhhh, *DUMB*. Ok, I tought that you want my banner in my site to edit it. LOL. Ok I know what you mean – to make an ad like Jadpuff, blue, and tom. Sooryy. I will send you the banner later this day!

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