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CP Island Glitch – Mountains, Void, Forests, Sled Racing

The other day, Cheesy Blues showed me a really cool glitch allowing you to see the top of the mountains, be blast high into the sky, get some really cool photos and more! He calls it the Cheesy Void glitch.

Before I share how to do this, here are some really cool photos I took! Ahh!

In this one, I seem to be in a new area. Behind the mountains is the beautiful Club Penguin Island ocean. You can even see a small forest on the right, is this where the Forest area will be?

Woah, where am I?

I do not like the look of that monster…but it’s so cool to be able to see him in-game!

Am in IN the mountains? Also, can I see the track which will be SLED RACING down on the left?!

Woah, so this is what it’s like under the Designer! Pretty cool!

So you may be wondering how to do this and Cheesy Blues has kindly given permission to let me teach you how (thank you)!

Step 1: Climb onto the top of the Designer. This is a separate glitch which you can find out how to do here. Basically, head over to the Lighthouse building and use your trackpad to jump on top of the emoji. Danar435 (who is an expert at this) explains it like this:

Ok, i got a tip to go on the roof, when you jump, DON’T jump on the side of the desinger, jump at the front, and try to land on top of the emoji sign. Also, before you jump, it’s a good idea to start at the bottom left of the yellow-black rectangle on the lighthouse. 

Step 2: Waddle towards the rock which you will see. You will fall into a portal

Step 3: As you are falling into the portal, open and close settings

Step 4: You are now under the Designer! Use your tube to spring up and see the first few pictures I shared for yourself! This might take two or three tries to do, and it will happen pretty quickly.

Once again, I would like to give a huge thanks to Cheesy Blues for showing me the Cheesy Void glitch! It’s epic! Looking for even more glitches? My friend Danar435 posted a cool one here! Thank you for reading!


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