Bugs/Glitches,  Club Penguin Island

Mysterious Mountains on Club Penguin Island

When on top of the mountains on Club Penguin Island thanks to a glitch shown to me by Cheesy Blues, I noticed two things which have noticeable similarities to the Ski Hill on the classic game. The glitch Cheesy shared was awesome and you got an excellent view!

Here’s the first thing which I noticed and the most exciting one! There were always mysteries surrounding a small cave in the hole of the mountain visible from the Ski Hill. Rumours suggested it was the base of Herbert.

Well guess what, the appears to also be a hole in the scary mountain on Club Penguin Island! We already know that EPF agents are coming, and I’m really excited of what mysteries the cave could contain. After all, we never got to experience it in the Classic version but I’m excited for it in CPI!

That brings me on to my next image, the Sled Racing track. This game has already been confirmed but being able to actually see the track which we could potentially be sledding down is awesome. It interests me that there is only one for now though.

Here’s a random image of me falling out of a tree and about to hit the Sled Racing track. I wonder if I can replicate this photo when the game officially comes out, which could possibly be in May.

Like Club Penguin, the Mountains here hold lots of mysteries which are going to be exciting to explore! I expect many adventures to take place here, like the old PSA & EPF missions did. This is another reminder of how many exciting possibilities there are as our island progresses.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Danar435

    I made a similar post in my blog, but without screenshots. Even the island image says alot. I found a path to the mountain, at least im pretty sure it’s path, But it may be a second slide. GLITCHING ON!

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