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Club Penguin Island Igloo & Puffle Breakdown

Last night we received two images of something major coming to Club Penguin Island, igloos. These look incredible however there’s also some pretty important stuff which you may not have noticed. It’s important to bare in mind that these are most likely concepts though:

These alone look incredible, but there might be a few things which you have missed that I’m going to point out to you now! 🙂


In particular, this looks like the purple puffle as he/she is dancing. This suggests that the team haven’t changed the personality of the puffles! Woo hoo!

Furthermore, we get a little design preview of how puffles could look like and I am so pleased they’re not making any changes to their already perfect look.

Extra Rooms

Currently we’re confined to a single space in classic Club Penguin, but our new homes aren’t. In fact, we can even see 2 doors in one image, one an entrance with someone entering and the other the picture above.

Does this hint to the addition of allowing us to have more than one room in a single igloo? I don’t see what else it could be!

Interactive Items that are New

We already know that Club Penguin Island interactive furniture items are coming but now we’ve got an idea and what they are! Some switches, fish Piñatas and even a dance floor! Epic!

That Mysterious Penguin

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen that penguin. He’s also featured in the sneak peeks section of that Best of 2016 video.

Pretty neat stuff!


We’ve seen Halloween decorations in the igloos, does that suggest an October release? It seems a pretty long way away consider they’ve been working on them for a while now but with new additions like being able to have multiple rooms, it’s kind of understandable.

It’s also important to note they’ve got so much lined up already like new adventures in April and new areas in May…but October does still seem far away. My prediction is puffles in June and igloos in July.

Thank you very much for reading!


  • Danar435

    Wow, where did you get these images? They says alot. Yep, you have seen a guy witha puffle, but what an another guy with 2 PUFFLES. He’s on the second image, sitting on sofa and eating sncaks. LoL. But again, really good post, have i said that? Umm, anyay, did you saw the arrows on the first image? Where the bats are come (I think the switch releases bats), under them is an arrow, also for the BIG MONSTER that looks like a ghost from GHOSTBUSTERS “If something’s strange, in the neighborhood, who your gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!”, he has arrows over his arms. And another penguin from the same picture, he is pressing something like a button on the ground with a foot (I think it activates the ghost) And finaly, who doesnt like roller coasters? WHO? TELL ME? YOU?! no? then GLITCHING ON!

  • CosmoPlaysCP

    I’m suspecting that the “extra room” could be an entrance to a backyard. P.S I love your blog. I’ve been reading ever since PSS.

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