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No More Club Penguin Phone Support

It’s official, Club Penguin Island currently has no phone support of any kind and the only option to get help is to email them. This is a short piece of news but one which I feel like I should still share.

If you call them, they’ll say that Club Penguin has closed and will ask you to go to the Disney Help Website but there it only offers the option of emailing them. This is pretty upsetting and I don’t understand why this is the case.

At least we now know why they rarely were willing to discuss CPI on the phone previously.

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    Who still use phone to ask questions? It just waste your money for calls.The e-mail is free, and for these who doesn’t have e-mail, how do they created the disney account? PARENTS! Yea, it takes maximum 2 days, but it’s better than 2$ per question 🙂 . Anyway, i sorry to hear that your game crashes, torres. Try to clear the chache or the data. If you clear the data, you need to swim to the Aunt and then login, witch is new (At the first moment i freak out XD). Anyway hope you play as soon as possible. As always – GLITCHING ON! (Yehaw now says FILMING ON! LoL)

          • Danar435

            I dont mean that. When you launch the game with no data and hit play, it doesnt says “login to disney”, it starts the tutorial! And you can connect to disney when you reach Aunt. Then if you login the view goes weird, then you should play or crash. If it crash, try to play again. IDK what to say, try during the night, but most of the penguins may speak chinese.

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