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CP Island Update 1.1.2 – Full Breakdown & Review

Club Penguin Island has been updated to version 1.1.2 and the most notable change is the fact it’s released worldwide. In this post we’ll be looking at some initial responses to the game and I’ll explain why I am extremely disappointed with this.

What’s New
“Hey Penguins! We’ve squashed some bugs to make the Island even better. Waddle On!”
We’ve also learnt that the membership prices have changed! Unfortunately non-member features will only be less restricted next month which made a lot of people at school dislike the game. Here are the new prices.
$4.99 USD/month
£3.99 GBP/month
€ 4.49 EUR/month
$6.49 CAD/month
$6.49 AUD/month
$6.49 NZD/month
There are other small updates, like when you tap the “Clear Cache button” it will speak to you…
Unfortunately, I also feel like we’re getting more bugs than we are in the beta…
First issue and I am one of the many people experiencing this, the game won’t even load and I’ve got a feeling it’s not because all the servers are full (even if it is – that’s a problem but a good one). I couldn’t reach out to Club Penguin for response because of this but I’ve followed their tutorials and it still won’t work!
Some people can’t even complete the tutorial, an issue which I believe nobody had when the beta first came out. Pretty major bug, you don’t want uninstalls as soon as it comes out.
Then we get to even more major bugs where Madzom8ie was charged just under 3X the price for one months worth of membership!

It gets worse with some people reporting that they aren’t even getting their membership which they paid for! We cannot confirm if this is true though but either way, not good. Huge credit to the team for reducing prices though, just another example as how we as a community CAN influence the team!

How it was received
Launching the game on the 29th was a horrible idea. Most of the day was filled with Disney protests and the game has received a very negative review with more people giving 1 stars than any other stars on Google Play.
According to Google it received over 6300 reviews and is currently sitting at a rating of 2.7. Many downloaded it and it did make the news. Also, it’s part of the Editor’s Choice selection on Google Play.

I’m disappointed by the bugs but the team are very talented and I’m sure they’ll be fixed quickly (good luck to them doing that!). However, many players have signed up and hopefully peoples’ views will shift quickly.

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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