Herbert’s Base to come in CP Island 1.2 Update 

Some really big news! MikeyMichael’s tracker on the Club Penguin Island Discord has tracked a staff member on the version 1.2 update at Herbert’s Base! 

That means that Herbert’s Base WILL be around in less than a week! This is likely a new area that I’m guessing unlocks when you complete chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures! Or it might be like the end of Rockhopper’s Adventures where you can only visit that area for a limited time. 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


17 thoughts on “Herbert’s Base to come in CP Island 1.2 Update 

  1. If you go left the waterfalls in the cove, you see stairs! If you go southeast all you can in the cove, your device will make a 2 second view of that place, it looks like lava pools.

  2. Can Mikey make a teleporter witch makes you teleport through rooms. If this base is in the server, but accessable only with some kind of command, he can make that command! BTW is that site safe. I mean i won’t talk with skype to nobody right? Becouse i saw something like that and…. I quit. Or you can just follow.

    • Herbert’s Base is in the new update files which I doubt he has access too. However, the update comes on Wednesday or Thursday so not too long a wait!

      Yes, the Discord server is safe. You’ll be talking to people but I moderate it and swearing, rudeness etc. is not allowed. However, I’ll be sure to keep you updated if any big news is revealed on it.

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