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Island Insider to Resume with New Intro Next Week

Island Insider will be resuming next week with a brand new intro shared by Megg on the Club Penguin Twitter. Here’s a look in case you missed it!

The new intro looks incredible and I seriously can’t wait to see the new episodes! She went on to announce that “so soon” would mean next week as it’s closer tot the update, implying that the 1.3 update containing Mt. Blizzard will not be out this week.

UPDATE: Plans have changed and they are instead redecorating the set meaning there won’t be an Island Insider the week originally planned.

On a not so positive note, today there are some lay offs at the CP Island HQ. It’s happened every year since 2015 and each time it sucks because people who have done nothing wrong unfortunately lose their job.  I wish those affected to find even better jobs in the future, and thank you for everything you’ve done. 🙁

Thanks for reading.

-Torres 126

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