See you Soon…

This blog will be inactive until the 29th of May (it’s active again)

Today was supposed to be an awesome day. I was excited to come home, play the team’s awesome work for myself and share my enjoyment of the new update with all of you here. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I find myself in a position unable to post the Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges. It’s annoying and disappointing but what can you do?

But also, I have a school trip soon so I’m going to be inactive until the 30th of May, meaning no posts. I will be back soon though! Before I leave, I would like to talk for a bit. This is a temporary leave from Club Penguin Island blogging but a permanent one hasn’t crossed my mind.

The game just hasn’t lived up to my first expectations and thoughts when playing it. The new update is fun for about a week and then it’s another 4 weeks of boredom and having to go through what can sometimes feel like a chore to post the Daily Challenges. Now, I’ve not played 1.3 yet because of the messed up system of only a handful of users being able to play so I won’t comment further.

I will say that I’ve been considering changes. A change that will likely come this Summer is posts about Club Penguin Rewritten – a private server which attempts to restore old CP. I’ve been enjoying it a lot recently and it’s a lot easier to make posts about something you can enjoy to that scale. If Disney wanted to take down CPR, they could’ve and since they have not, I see no reason why it should be a problem in regards to ethical details.

But I do want to hear your thoughts about this first. My hope is that this will balance out the repetitiveness of Club Penguin Island blogging – something news, something fresh, something fun. I’ll leave you with an exclusive look at the potential header if this change was to go ahead.

Fear not, if you don’t want to read posts about one of the games, you can ignore them with a tap of a button. But here’s a poll which I would appreciate your opinion on.

Well, these are some thoughts I wanted to share but also letting you know once again, this blog will be inactive until the 30th of May. Thank you for reading Club Penguin Mountains and have an awesome week!

See you soon!

-Torres 126


11 thoughts on “See you Soon…

  1. Directions for: Going Past Cove Boundaries

    I am sorry to say that this glitch can only be done by members, unless you know the Tube Glitch. You’ll need at least 4 penguins that are able to use a tube.
    You will need to go to the waterfall in the cove. Go to the edge of the SECOND rock.

    You will need to stack tubes on the second rock, kind of like the glitch in the boardwalk where you stack tubes to go over the rock wall. Try to stay still, for you all need to stack on top of each other.
    Tip: Hold your finger on the upper left hand corner of the bubble that lets you walk. This will help you stay in place and in the corner of the rock.

    If you are on top, you will be launched into the air(I couldn’t get a pic of me in the air, sorry).
    Guide your penguin forward a bit, because if you don’t, you will land behind the cove and automatically get transported back to land.
    You will then land in the grass on the other side of the cove out of the boundaries.

    Before you move at all, save your spot by going in and out of settings. Then carefully waddle out from under the grass. You will end up on the sand on the other side of the cove boundary.

    You can swim around a little bit, but don’t go too far, or you will be automatically transported back to where u were before.
    Good Luck!
    Hope you found these instructions helpful!

    I put the links in the place where they would go in the directions.

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