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Thank you so Much! (CP Rewritten POTW)

Hey everyone,

I think I rarely take a moment to thank the viewers of this blog. In fact, today, much to my unexpected joy and amazement, I was awarded with Penguin of the Week on my favourite game, Club Penguin Rewritten! Zeus even mentioned this blog too, which I appreciate so much! 😀

I’m honestly amazed that I won this award and I’d like to thank the team so much for choosing me, it’s a huge deal to me! I appreciate it so much! Well, I don’t want to sound too egotistical (it’s always hard striking a balance in achievement posts) so I should probably wrap up this brief post, but I do want to thank everyone for congratulating me and for supporting me!

Also, one quick thing, my holidays begin on Friday (yay!), and that means more time to work on this blog! Major changes are coming soon and yes, I will stop blogging about Club Penguin Island too so stay tuned for those!

Random photo of igloo raiding earlier today!

Thank you very much, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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  • nina1059

    Congrats again! 😊
    But RIP. You’re really gonna stop blogging for CPI? That’s the real reason I got into your blog, you were one of the best CPI blogs. Sad to see it go.

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