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Club Penguin Island – Huge Igloo & 1.7 Leaks

I’ve received a whole load of information about the Club Penguin Island 1.7 update as found in the files and kindly shared with me by MikeyMichael! Today I will be sharing a lot of that information which was found with you! I must stress that almost none of this is official information and could change at any time! Please note that there are big spoilers in this post!

Firstly, the release date is something we have all been curious! The files suggest that the release date will be on October 17th, though it could come a day later or earlier. This is not confirmed, but it is the likely date!

This logo is not for Club Penguin Island*

Let’s start with some of the 1.7 information, starting with the new party! The Halloween Party will be coming next month and there will be a promotional loading screen to give us a sneak peek of it. However, I do have a bit of information here. Michael found this line in the code.


This does seem to suggest a new mini-game or a potential change to the Crate & Co. current mini-game, but it seems to be exclusively for the Halloween event! On the topic of Halloween, new emojis will be coming for the event! These are:

  1. Candy Emoji
  2. Pumpkin Emoji
  3. Skeleton Emoji

There will also be 16 new Style Challenges, multiple Daily Challenges, a non-member shirt and a pumpkin for members for this event! The Halloween Event ends on the 31st and starts on either the 17th or the 22nd.

There will be two new collectibiles, Flour Flower and Wind Chime, but we will get an official post with more details on them soon! Along with that, there’s also new gear…

New gear will also be released in the update! These will be:

  • Franky Pizza Box
  • Franky Pizza Slice
  • Pumpkin Tray
  • Orange Pumpkin
  • Purple Pumpkin
  • Teal Pumpkin
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Microphone
  • Hand Drums
  • Bongo Drums

Lastly, the furniture, perhaps the most exciting bit of this post! Whilst igloos won’t be coming in 1.7, there will also be a promotional screen for them, however, we now have a list of furniture which could appear!

*The coins and membership requirement is likely for testing purposes

To conclude, I wanted to share with you this long list of new Daily Challenges in the 1.7 update which Michael posted, but since it is so long, I think I will include it at the very bottom! I’d like to give a huge thank you to MikeyMichael for sharing this with me and to you for reading! Please do remember it is not all confirmed but I am confident most of this will be happening!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

List of new Daily Challenges, some of which are in the new area:

DailyChallenges.338.BeachTrickTreat.Title (Beach) DailyChallenges.346.BlizTrickTreat.Title (MtBlizzard) DailyChallenges.347.BlizWearWolves.Title (MtBlizzard) DailyChallenges.335.BoardwalkAcceptFishdog.Title (Boardwalk) DailyChallenges.329.BoardwalkPumpkinPatch.Title (Boardwalk) DailyChallenges.330.BoardwalkTrickTreat.Title (Boardwalk) DailyChallenges.302.FrankysBuyMenu.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.301.FrankysCheckMenu.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.298.FrankysEatPizza.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.299.FrankysKitchenYell.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.297.FrankysServePizza.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.300.FrankysSitBooth.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.293.TownBench.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.322.TownBlueSigns.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.309.TownDisneyVisit.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.315.TownMuralFriends.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.314.TownMuralIgloo.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.325.TownTrickTreat.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.304.TownWatchBusker.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.343.BlizSlimeWaterfall.Title (MtBlizzard) DailyChallenges.327.BoardwalkScarecrow.Title (Boardwalk) DailyChallenges.341.DivingFindPumpkins.Title (Diving) Event.2017.Halloween.UI.Header
DailyChallenges.313.TownBenchIgloo.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.296.TownBuoy.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.311.TownBuskBongos.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.312.TownBuskGuitar.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.326.TownCandelabras.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.294.TownDancePlay.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.317.TownEmoteJackhammer.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.323.TownEmotePumpkin.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.316.TownEmoteStar.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.319.TownHideFlag.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.320.TownHideTree.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.318.TownJumpShrub.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.324.TownSeatSkull.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.336.BeachFindPumpkins.Title (Beach) DailyChallenges.337.BeachStageEmote.Title (Beach) DailyChallenges.348.BlizChairliftGhost.Title (MtBlizzard) DailyChallenges.345.BlizHowlMoon.Title (MtBlizzard) DailyChallenges.344.BlizSpookyRaces.Title (MtBlizzard) DailyChallenges.328.BoardwalkHotSprings.Title (Boardwalk) DailyChallenges.342.DivingCandyThrone.Title (Diving) DailyChallenges.303.FrankysWearPizza.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.307.TownDanceCheer.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.308.TownDanceColor.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.295.TownFlagSing.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.321.TownLapStatue.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.310.TownTreePark.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.306.TownTubeAcross.Title (Town) DailyChallenges.305.TownTulips.Title (Town)

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