Club Penguin Island: Holiday Party Decorations

The Club Penguin Island team have shared some decorations for the Winter Holiday Party coming to the island next month! Surprisingly, Coins for Change will also be making a return to the island!

The team made a post on the blog here, sharing lots of photos and also a small amount of information. Could this line suggest Herbert, or maybe some other activity? I really hope that there is a bit more to do than the Halloween Party!

All will be calm and all will be bright–until something suspicious hinders the hype! Every penguin will have to work together to help save the holiday festivities.

The most exciting screenshot is the one of Island Central, which looks absolutely beautifully decorated! There’s a darker sky, lots of trees, wreaths, stars and other decorations! It looks amazing! But also most notably, we can see the pot for Coins for Change! I’m so glad to see that make a return!

Also in Island Central will be a Holiday Feast, hosted by Aunt Arctic! Along with lots of (new) food, we can also see what appears to be some rewards, including items and party supplies! I’m really hoping that we will see a system similar to the advent calendar when the party hits the island!

The other thing which the screenshot shows is how Igloos & Interiors will look like when opened! Also, what is that mysterious target and those Christmas trees? I reckon that they have to do with saving the Holiday Party!

The Stage will also receive some decorations, and we can see the presents in the back! Hopefully every few days, you will be able to open up the present to receive a reward!

The final screenshot posted was a few more decorations on Mt. Blizzard! We can see presents, lights, a tree and a wreath, but nothing too exciting here!

Overall, the Holiday Party looks amazing, especially in Island Central! My only hope is that there are multiple activities that last the whole event, unlike the Halloween Party and that there is an advent calendar! The team also posted an emoji sneak peek here. 

I’m also extremely glad to see Coins for Change return, for those who aren’t aware what that is, virtual coins are donated in-game by us, but then the team donate real money to specific causes in the real world! I’m curious to know what those causes will be this year!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Island news and guides! Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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