Club Penguin Rewritten

Thank you for 500K Views! (Party Invite)

Earlier today, Club Penguin Mountains hit the huge milestone of achieving half a million (500K) views, which is absolutely insane to me!

The party has been cancelled due to recent events regarding Club Penguin Rewritten

I would really like to thank everyone who reads or has read that blog for supporting me! Whilst it is just a number (though a very large one!), I still hope that my content is helpful, useful or informative! It still amazes me that so many people read this blog each day!

One of the things which I have rarely done is held a party, however in order to show my appreciation, I will be holding a party on the server Marshmallow on Club Penguin Rewritten tomorrow!

The party will be at midday PST, which is an hour behind the time of the clock at the Snow Forts! It will likely start at the Town then move around the island and I hope that you will be able to attend, though I completely understand if that is not possible.

Whilst this post might be short, the main thing which I really want to do is express how thankful I really am to everyone individual who reads this blog. Achieving such a large milestone is hard to explain in words and is just so incredible, and I appreciate it so much!

I’m so excited for the future of Club Penguin Rewritten and the content on this blog, but for now, I just want to give you a huge thank you!

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