5 Years: Q&A + Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone,

A few days ago you may remember the giveaway and Q&A, from which many people entered the giveaway and also sent questions! In this post, I’ll be answering them and also announcing the winner.


Thank you to everyone who entered the merchandise giveaway for a magazine, badge, cards and stickers! The “Fruit Machine” has selected a winner, which is Ya Boi Guzma! I’ve sent you an email on details for receiving your prize, please respond within three days else a new winner will be selected, congratulations!

Update: Ya Boi Guzma responded and the prize has been sent, if you didn’t win, don’t worry! There’ll be more opportunities in the future! 🙂

If you didn’t win, don’t worry! Lots of people entered, and there’ll likely be another opportunity to win next month, likely a magazine.


There were loads of interesting, funny and great questions! The way I’ll do this is I’ll split up Club Penguin from non-Club Penguin questions, and write the name of the penguin who asked the same questions. You can search for yours specifically using cmd/ctrl F then searching your penguin name!

Club Penguin/Blogging Questions

peptrt asked: What was your favorite thing that you posted on Club Penguin Mountains?
A: That’s a really interesting question, it’s hard to select a specific one. If I had to decide though, I don’t think it’d be a news post, but rather my “Problems with Club Penguin Island” post. I felt like it managed to accurately convey what myself and a lot of people were feeling about the game, and it was an honour to even have the Club Penguin Island team read/discuss it too!

peptrt,greeny870, Mikadou, MsNeRdY,Coolpengu041, FarCritical, SmellyJoe, Sam11thfeb and GG asked: Who is your favourite mascot?
A: I don’t really have one! A lot of them, such as Rookie and Herbert, are funny, Cadence is really cool, Aunt Arctic has such a nice personality.

peptrt, Coolpengu041, MsNeRdY, FarCritical and GG asked: Out of the parties you’ve been to, which one was our favorite?
A: On Club Penguin, I really liked all of the Halloween and Holiday Parties (except the Merry Walrus one!). There were also loads of fantastic parties in 2012 and 2013 which I loved, so it’d be hard for me to pick a favourite.

peptrt asked: What do you think is the most rare item in Club Penguin besides the beta hat?
A: I guess that depends on whether or not you count cheating, as that made a lot of rarer items unrare! However, the Green Viking Helmet on classic Club Penguin was very challenging to obtain, so I think that’d be it.

peptrt asked: If I was going to make my own CPPS, what would be your biggest advice tip?
A: Security – it is incredibly important to make sure you know what you’re doing and how to protect your user’s information before they sign up and give you their details.

taydawg2k17 and gamerguide asked: Why did you decide to make a blog?
A: That’s a very good question! The truth is, I’m not too sure. I was working on an old blog with a friend in 2013, but we both agreed to create our own blogs instead. I guess it was just as enjoyable back then as it is now.

taydawg2k17 and shopkinmini3 asked: What has been your favorite CP Rewritten Event so far?
A: Loads! There’s been some really amazing parties, even recently, but I was a huge fan of the Halloween Party in 2017. There was just so much to do it and it had such a spooky feeling, and the Great Storm at the time made it even better!

taydawg2k17 asked: Where do you get your news?
A: I’m not too sure if you’re referring to real news or Club Penguin news. For Club Penguin Rewritten news, a lot of news is revealed in-game, in the newspaper, on social media, on Discord, on the blog and lots of other places such as the podcast this weekend! I just collect all that news together and share it on this blog, so you can find it all in one place. For real news, there’s not really a specific place I get my news from, but I do tend to read BBC News a lot.

Cutiejea asked: Fave moment/memory in CP?
A: Oh my! There’s way too many to pick from, and I’m probably not even thinking of some right now! I still remember experiencing the Wilderness Expedition in 2011, and how excited I was. That was pretty cool!

Cutiejea, SmellyJoe, Sanity1 and Penguindom asked: How long were you a player in the original games?
A: I joined Club Penguin in 2010.

Cutiejea asked: Do you accept contributions?
A: For this blog, sadly not, I’m not looking for any authors or contributors yet. But if you feel something would make a good post, you’re always welcome to tell me!

Pepe4358 asked: How does it feel to have a blog for 5 years?
A: Quite special, actually! I still remember thinking of creating it back then, and to think that was half a decade ago is pretty crazy.

Pepe4358 asked: Is it complicated making a blog?
A: That’s a really good question and the answer is no, not at all! This blog uses, and you can have a fully functioning blog there within a few minutes. The challenge comes when deciding what kind of content to produce and actually publishing that content, but to make a blog with a reasonably good design can be done in just a few minutes. If you’re going to use by the way, you might be interested in this.

Pepe4358 asked: How do you feel about having so much views?
A: I’m very appreciative to those who read this blog, it’s quite an honour that people take time out off their day to read the things which I post about!

Max0955 asked: How did this all start?
A: Well, a few years ago, someone called Nathan76877 who I knew from Penguin Lodge (it was a Club Penguin cheating site but it had a nice chat feature) chat offered to work on a blog with him, and I did. It was called Club Penguin Beach, but wasn’t too amazing, and we both decided to create our own blogs and help each other out. I then created “Club Penguin Torres 126” in September 2013 (which was later renamed to CP Mountains), and from there, I continued on working on this blog! I took a break in most of 2014 and 2015, but came back in 2016.

GG, Mikadou, Sanity1, Barry Brown, Coolpengu041, YoboiTaco and greeny870 asked: Why did you decide/what inspired you to make this blog?
A: You can see part of the reason in the question above, but they’re slightly different, so I’ll answer this one too! It’s just something which is enjoyable to do I guess, I know that it’s not a very specific reason but it’s hard to think of the one, especially when it was so long again!

Max0955, nika994 and Mikadou asked: Were you hoping that alot of people are going to go on this site? Did you expect to get this far?
A: I guess that everybody has hopes of achieving an audience when starting to create content, but I don’t think I’d ever have expected to reached anywhere near a million views when this began!

Max0955 asked: How did you feel when CP shutdown?
A: Honestly, I was kind of expecting it. The game had really been wound down, and a lot of the content was becoming really disappointing, and when they announced CPI, it seemed clear CP was going to go. Nonetheless, it was still sad to see it go.

Max0955 asked: Are we going to see more content added?
A: On this blog? Probably, but I’m not sure what yet! There’ll be a few more pages soon, but you’re welcome to recommend ideas to me.

Shelldos asked: What do you think of CPI?
A: I completely support it and wish it the best, but it just isn’t for me. There’s very few content updates each year, and that’s something which is hard to get your head around when Club Penguin had weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) content.

Shelldos asked: Your favourite custom items?
A: I don’t really have a favourite custom item!

Shelldos asked: What game should have Stamps in CPR?
A: Seeing stamps added for any game is always awesome, and I think the idea of Hydro Hopper stamps is really cool, as a lot can be done to that game.

Shelldos asked: Do you like the Box DImension?
A: Yes! It’s a really nice room and I like the idea of it being hidden away in igloos.

Shelldos asked: What game ideas do you have in your head ?
A: In general, or for Club Penguin? I don’t really have too many game ideas in my head, I just enjoy playing the games!

GG asked: Are you team red or blue? (I’m blue)
A: Team Blue!

GG asked: What’s your favorite Mascot Background?
A: In Club Penguin Rewritten, probably Rockhopper’s Christmas Background as it goes well with my playercard! From classic Club Penguin, there’s quite a few, but I did really like Cadence’s ones.

greeny870, TheTruMinerYT and Joshmary asked:Why did you pick the name Torres126?
A: I’m not too sure to be honest. However, I do remember entering the name “Torres” on classic Club Penguin, but that name was taken. At the time, there was a system on the registration page which would suggest an alternative name to you similar to the one you entered. It suggested “Torres 126”, and from there, I’ve used that name for pretty much everything!

greeny870 asked: How hard is it running mascots trackers?
A: It used to be quite frustrating when things didn’t work as planned, but it was also quite difficult when they were only updated manually. Now they’re not completely manual, so it’s not as difficult, although I’m still working on a notification system!

greeny870 asked: Who is your favorite mod/admin?
A: I have full respect for Lataus, Lily7683, RogerDan and Flippy, they’re all amazing people. Joee, Thorn and Hagrid are nice too! However, all the team are very dedicated and I appreciate that.

LavHart asked: Will the Iceberg be tipped?
A: Hmm…I think I recall tipping it three times now! Once when classic Club Penguin had the Waddle on Party, another for 12 Years of Classic CP on CPR, and also the CPR Waddle on Party!

Kleebless asked: Was it a bit difficult to keep the news up to date? If so, what struggles did you go through and how did you overcome them?
A: It’s not necessarily difficult to keep the news up to date, but sometimes not having time to post can cause an issue. That’s generally not too big an issue though, as news posts don’t take too long to write! But you get in a routine of checking for news each day to share.

Firehero101, TheTruMinerYT and Joshmary asked:How did you come up with the name Club Penguin Mountains?
A: Actually, this blog was first called “Club Penguin Torres 126”! Not very creative, I know, so in 2014 I wanted something better. Late one evening, I was just thinking of a name, and decided to go with “Club Penguin + a noun”. The noun that came to mind was “Mountains”, and I saw that web address wasn’t taken either, so I just went with it!

Firehero101 and TheTruMinerYT asked: How do you find all of the pins and know when mascots are online?
A: Finding pins isn’t too hard, since the team announce when they’ve updated and when a new one is hidden. From there, you just need to check the rooms with an open eye, and you’ll likely find it within a few minutes. Sometimes they can be tricky though, so I ask someone else on the island for its location! As for mascots, the team give hints when they log on, so I quickly log on then which is why I’m “early” to several mascot meet-ups. There’s also a few other tricks I’ve learnt over the time, but overall, it’s just about being on at the right time!

Firehero101 asked: How much do you play CPR per day?
A: Quite a lot to be honest. It depends on how much time I have, but I’m usually on for 1-2 hours, even I’m not on my main account!

nanopenguin3 asked: How did you know about Club Penguin in the first place?
A: I got the Club Penguin DS game as a gift from one of my grandparents, and one day, I was just searching names and happened to come across Club Penguin! I made an account and here we are now, eight years later.

nanopenguin3, Zophiel, MsNeRdY, yoyoo7 and shopkinmini3 asked: Which room in Club Penguin is your favorite?
A: I don’t really have a favourite room, but I spend a lot of time at the Town and Pizza Parlor since they’re the most popular (along with the Cave Mine).

nanopenguin3, Coolpengu041 , FarCritical and FinleyThePup asked: What’s your favorite Item/what is your favourite outfit and accessories combination?
A: I’m not too sure! I do like my current outfit, which is the Green Viking Helmet, Island Lei and Grass Skirt, but there’s loads of fantastic items out there.

Mikadou asked: How do you feel about your fans?
A: I’m really grateful to everyone who spends time to read the posts I make!

Mikadou asked: Do you feel accomplished?
A: Absolutely, it’s great that people enjoy reading this blog, and I really enjoy blogging too!

SamHooves asked: Do you think CP Rewritten is the closest anyone’s gotten to recreating CP?
A: It depends, in terms of classic Club Penguin, yes. Few other CPPSes are run by a dedicated team who actually care, and release such high quality content.

shopkinmini3 asked: Which igloo is your favorite?
A: There’s quite a few! I liked the Penthouse Igloo from classic Club Penguin, along with a lot of the underwater designs. It’d be nice to have the no igloo option though!

shopkinmini3 and Lexitemple asked: What color of puffle do you like?
A: The white puffles are just super cute, and definitely my favourite!

Bensho asked: What are your thoughts on the grey puffle?
A: I feel like it’ll be released soon, as it’s been hinted a lot. We’ve seen it in the paper, PH talk about it, the statues move at the Dojo Courtyard and other places too!

PentaCrash asked: Do you plan to play CPI again?
A: I did try to play the Medieval Party as it looked really cool, but my device simply doesn’t have enough storage to update it. I’ll probably try clearing some stuff to play it again soon though.

PentaCrash asked: What do you think is the future of this blog?
A: Just to carry on sharing the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides! I haven’t really thought about what will happen in the long-term though. For now, I’m still interested in Club Penguin and blogging so I hope to continue!

Quick message to IconicViness: Hi, I think your questions are best directed for the Club Penguin Rewritten team, as this is just a fan-blog. The Puffle Park and Hotel are very unlikely to come to the game though!

SmellyJoe asked: Favourite Card-Jitsu mode?
A: I love them all! All four have differences, so it’s hard to pick a favourite, but all of them are absolutely fantastic. Perhaps Card Jitsu Snow or normal Card Jitsu though.

SmellyJoe, yoyoo7, FarCritical and MsNeRdY asked: Favourite CP Minigame?
A: The Card Jitsu modes, all four of them! System Defender is also great, and Cart Surfer is useful for coins.

Sanity1 asked: What is your rarest item on CPR and CP?
A: On Club Penguin Rewritten, probably the Green Viking Helmet, but on classic Club Penguin, not many items were rare as many people could cheat to add all items. I did too for a few items, which is why I got banned. So really, I’m not too sure!

Sanity1 asked: Have you been friends with betas on the original CP?
A: I did have a few added, such as Kirbyrox, but I never really spoke to them much or were close with them.

FinleyThePup asked: When did you join CPR?
A: I joined during the Beta Test Party.

FinleyThePup asked: What is your CPR outfit?
A: It’s the Green Viking Helmet, Island Lei and Grass Skirt, with aqua colour!

bellatrix123 asked: Will events ever stop?
A: I’m assuming you mean similar to the stamps event a few weeks ago, and the answer is no, it won’t stop. A lot of people have been requesting another one, but I just haven’t got round to it yet, as my schedule recently has been quite unpredictable. I’m thinking of doing one in the future though! By the way, for the rest of your questions, I’d suggest contacting the Club Penguin Rewritten team to ask those as this blog is simply a fan-blog.

Joshmary asked: Why did you quit blogging about SuperCPPS and Pengur?
A: I haven’t quit blogging about Pengur! It’s just that so little news is released about it that it doesn’t seem worth advertising that I do blog about it, but when news is released, I make a post on it. I quit blogging about other CPPSes though because I only moved to them when CPR shut down. Now that CPR is back, there’s no need for me to blog about any others, as CPR is the one I really enjoy!

Joshmary asked: What is your ALL TIME FAVORITE CPPS currently?
A: Club Penguin Rewritten!

Joshmary asked: What was CPMountain’s ORIGINAL name?
A: “Club Penguin Torres 126” – not very original, I know!

Coolpengu041 asked: Why did you start playing CP?
A: When I discovered it, I guess I just really enjoyed the content and liked the concept of it. I’m not too sure though as this was many years ago!

YoboiTaco asked: How do the mascot trackers work?
A: So, they used to be completely manual, but now there’s a script and process which helps the tracker automatically detect mascot visits, like what happened to Rookie and Rory. Though I can’t go into too much detail about this as I think it could then be abused to display false locations, the publicising/notification (blog post, tweet etc.) is all manually done, but I’m hoping to change that soon.

YoboiTaco asked: What do you do when you aren’t playing CPR?
A: Homework, other games, this blog, spending time online…it feels quite easy to spend the day, especially with school!

YoboiTaco asked: Are you hyped for the Fair?
A: It’ll be cool to play it, but the party I’m really looking forward to the most is Halloween this year!

YoboiTaco asked: Who is your favorite CPR Streamer or Youtuber?
A: I used to enjoy watching Gokhan137 and Savab, but it doesn’t seem like they’re as active anymore. I’m not too sure anymore as such!

Zophiel asked: What do you like dressing as the most?
A: Normally I just wear my current outfit, sometimes when roleplaying on the island, I wear a monster costume. I’ve collected a lot of items over the months, so creating wacky outfits can be fun!

Someone asked: How do you have the motivation and time to even have a blog?
A: Balancing time can be quite easy, so time is only an occasional issue! Ultimately though, I enjoy blogging, and that’s generally motivating enough. When I’m not feeling too motivated, I don’t really force myself to post, but it’s rare that happens.

Someone asked: Will CP Mountains eventually cover more than one CPPS? It seems to have alot of CP Rewritten post.
A: Most likely not. Frankly, the vast majority of CPPSes out there are run by untrustworthy teams or bad owners. Even one of the most popular ones has done some absolutely despicable things. I need to have close to complete confidence in a team, and enjoy their content, for me to even consider blogging about it.

Someone and William41234 asked: Do you play any other CPPSes? Which one do you consider your favorite?
A: Club Penguin Rewritten is the only CPPS I play actively and therefore is my favourite.

Someone asked: What are some things you would like to change or see in the CPPS community?
A: More owners with enough competency to keep their users safe without risking their information, and owners who can be trusted.

MsNeRdY asked: Did you ever think you would get this much love from the Club Penguin community?
A: Not at all, but I really am very grateful and appreciative! 🙂

MsNeRdY asked: Do you plan to keep going with this blog for the next few years?
A: Most likely! I still really enjoy blogging, so I have no plans of stopping anytime soon, but who knows?

FarCritical asked: What motivates you to report on CPR?
A: Put simply, I enjoy it a lot!

iclypoki and TheTruMinerYT asked: Why out of every game in the world, did you choose to blog about CP?
A: Hmm…I answered a bit further up the history of this blog and what inspired me to blog, but that’s a good question. I guess it’s because CP was the only game which I was really dedicated to when growing up. It’s also one of the rare games where content is released frequently enough to write blog posts about it. And above all, I love Club Penguin a lot more than many other games!

potato777 asked: when u going to rookie tracker
A: I’m not too sure what you’re referring to – the visits will be added soon, but most likely when Rookie visits again. For the rest of your questions, I’d suggest speaking to the Club Penguin Rewritten team, but new mascots are confirmed! They announced on the Devcast though that they’re not sure of which mascots to add.

furbies asked: What’s it like being as popular as the in game mascots?
A: Haha, it’s awesome to see so many people enjoy the blog posts I write! But mascots are a lot cooler and popular!

hpnerd18 asked: If you could make one change in Club Penguin, what would it be and why?
A: It depends on what you mean. For example, if you meant classic Club Penguin in 2016, then it would be improving the parties and content in general! If it’s what the CPR team are working on, it would be to dedicate more attention to Pengur.

Other Questions

taydawg2k17 asked: What’s your favourite colour?
A: Purple! (And blue too)

taydawg2k17 asked: What Weird food combos do you enjoy?
A: Haha! Uh, I’m not too sure to be honest!

shopkinmini3 asked: What is your favorite month?
A: To be honest, I’m not too sure. October and December are both great, but all months have their advantages and disadvantages!

SmellyJoe and Maxxy44 asked:What is your favourite video game to play?
A: I have a Wii U and enjoy lots of games on it, my favourites being Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Lego City Undercover and Splatoon. The other series I really like is the Phoenix Wright series.

Sam11thfeb asked: Do you have a nintendo switch?
A: Nope, I have a Wii U and 2DS. I personally just don’t feel the Switch is worth it for me as the main two games I’m really appealed by is Breath of the Wild and Lego City Undercover, but I’ve already completed the story of both on the Wii U!

Maxxy44 asked: Do you like the band Queen? If so, any favourite songs?
A: I’ve heard some of their songs but I’m not particularly a huge fan of them, I don’t really listen to their music much.

Maxxy44 asked: Favourite movies?
A: I rarely watch movies, and I don’t really have a favourite. Honestly though, Disney movies are some of the best, I really enjoyed Zootropilis/Zootopia. Spirited Away also comes to mind!

Maxxy44 asked: Favourite books?
A: There’s loads of books I like, it’s hard to pick a favourite! In terms of my favourite series, the Divergent series is great. The Bodyguard series, though for a slightly younger audience, is also full of action. There’s plenty of other good books too, but I just can’t think of them off the top of my head!

LordZedd13: What is your favorite holiday?
A: Do you mean type? I guess Summer because it’s the longest, although Winter is always a nice time too! In terms of place, having lived in South Africa, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion, and I’d love to visit there again. There’s just tons of scenic spots, amazing chances to see animals, friendly people and so much more!

Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you very much for all the questions, and for all the support over the years! I really enjoyed writing this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Waddle on! 🙂

-Torres 126


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