Club Penguin Halloween Merchandise Giveaway

Hi everyone,

You may remember that last month, after the last merchandise giveaway ended, I promised that there would be one soon! I haven’t forgotten, and whilst I hope to do many more frequently, this month, I’ll be holding a Halloween-themed merchandise giveaway!

The prize contains the 10th edition of the Club Penguin magazine, which is packed with stuff, from comics, posters, puzzles, special pages, a chance to make a hat and more! It also includes a couple of Card Jitsu cards and stickers too.

Since this is a time for Halloween, and a chance to wear your spooky outfits, this contest is based off the latest clothing catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten which is amazing!

Can you guess which items these are from the most recent three pages of the catalog? Please note that none of them are hidden secrets, and only some of the item has to be featured. For every picture you get correct, you’ll be entered one more time into a random draw!

To enter, all you need to do is fill out the form which requires the following information.

Penguin Name: Needed to announce the winner (+1 entry)
Email: Needed to contact the winner, and unlike social media, your address can then be deleted once the prize is received
Country of Residence: A very small amount of countries have laws which means you cannot participate. This has never been an issue before, and in almost all countries, this won’t be an issue, but just to be sure please enter this too. Don’t post your full address.
Item: Can you guess the items above? (+1 entry for every correct answer)

When participating in this giveaway, please have your parents’ permission if you’re a minor, as this is a giveaway for physical items. Although we cannot guarantee that the item will arrive, proof of postage will be sent to the winner to show it was posted, and any issues with the postal service will tried to be dealt with in the most reasonable way (though that might not necessarily mean a replacement), but this has never been an issue in my previous merchandise giveaways. The magazine has been removed from its original packaging, and though it has very minor damage on the spine due to being six years old (note that the age of the magazine means you should avoid submitting things to be featured to the magazine publishers as it is retired), there is close to no damage on the actual pages itself. No writing is inside. No cash or other merchandise alternative is available. Please also only enter once per address (so please don’t enter twice, even as a sibling!), and ensure you agree with our Privacy Policy.

This giveaway is now over. The winner has been announced here

The giveaway will end on Wednesday 17th October, so that the prize will (hopefully) arrive before Halloween!

Good luck! 🙂

-Torres 126


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