CP Rewritten Times: Issue #94 – St. Patrick’s

A new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, themed all around the ongoing St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

For the best experience, I would recommend reading the paper for yourself online, but as always, I will try to summarise the news revealed.

This paper revealed that:

  • The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on until 21st March, with lots of decorations across the island
  • Rockhopper will be returning soon with more treasure, but has left for now
  • A new Stage Play and pin has been released
  • The April Fools Party starts March 28th
  • A new pin will also be released on March 28th

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

One thought on “CP Rewritten Times: Issue #94 – St. Patrick’s

  1. Simply the greatest blog of all time. I hope you continue to enjoy what you do for as long as CPR is in existence (which I hope is forever). Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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