2019 Holiday Giveaway Winners

The Holiday Giveaway is over, and there’s seven prizes, of which the winners will be announced now! I’ll also use this as an opportunity to explain how they were randomly selected, and the Bonus Question answers.

How were the winners selected?

In the past for these giveaways, like last year, I’ve used the “Fruit Machine” to randomly select a winner, as you may be aware. However, it has occurred to me that this tool is now no longer available for usage! Most of the tools online don’t accept or work badly with the sheer number of entires, so for full transparency, here’s how I kept it as fair as possible:

  1. Create a list of all the entires (with an additional entry for everyone who got the Bonus Question correct for that day)
  2. Randomised the list using
  3. Selected the first 50 on that list and placed them on the wheel on “Tools Unite”
  4. Spun the wheel
  5. Whoever the wheel selected won!

What were the Bonus Question answers?

The number in brackets is the percentage of people who correctly the bonus question, which gave them an extra entry.

  1. The line “it’s my name and my catchphrase!” is attributed to the Merry Walrus (72.9%)
  2. Scrap, a snow minion from Card Jitsu Snow, was depicted in the image (22.6%)
  3. The postcard was the Watch my Band Play postcard, although “Come Watch my Band Play” was also fine too (17.6%)
  4. The holiday song which contains the lyric “Feeding reindeer would be so cool” is Someone Like Me to Like Me (27.8%)
  5. The Christmas book featuring seven elite puffles was Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic, though “Music Makes Magic” alone was fine too (40.8%)
  6. The difference in the image was that there was a stone on the ground missing to the right of the room, by the water pipes. Any answer where it was clear you were referring to that was fine, which was the case with almost everyone who tried to answer it. When I first came up with this idea, I thought it was ingeniously difficult, however clearly not… (88.2%)
  7. The answer to the riddle was mogul, which is the same answer to the riddle in the second PSA mission: G’s Secret Mission. I understand why many people put “bunny”, but I didn’t accept it because I think it was clear that the riddle didn’t refer to what was being pointed out, but instead something that you were looking for/entering again (20.9%)

For those who haven’t heard it, this was the song from Day 4. I reckon it’s a little less known than other classics such as Cool in the Cold, but it’s still a super sweet one!

Who were the winners?

And now for the big moment! Firstly, two things. Thank you to everyone who entered, I hope that you enjoyed it! But secondly, there were a lot of entries, and I’m sorry if you didn’t win anything. There’ll always be more opportunities, but I know it can be a bit disappointing.

Congratulations to the following winners! The link is to an image of the wheel to prove they won.

All winners have responded, and all prizes have now been sent

  1. Katelyn2965
  2. Pie2125
  3. Lola Haze
  4. Sweet Ari
  5. Oliver1235
  6. ikickdaboy
  7. Skyleter

Please respond within 72 hours to the email else a new winner could be selected! All emails will come from contact [at] clubpenguinmountains [dot] com.

Happy holidays everyone!

-Torres 126


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