Mountains Monday,  Tunes

Club Penguin’s Space Adventure Theme Tune

Welcome to the first Mountains Monday of 2021! For the first week of each month, like last year, I’ll be sharing a musical tune from Club Penguin! This one is slightly different as it’s actually the theme music for a Stage play: Space Adventure – Planet Y. šŸŖ

It’s a slightly eerie track, but I’ve selected it because it has vibes of exploration, given by the space-related theme! We might not be heading to space anytime soon, but the game will soon be transitioning to a new technology, and it’s also a new year. For all the opportunities exploration can bring, it can also be a little daunting, and I think this track conveys that nicely.

I feel like the track also just sounds really cool; in my view, a lot of the Stage play music is slightly underrated, so I’m hoping that you enjoy it!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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