Holiday Giveaway 2021 Winners

The fourth Holiday Giveaway on Club Penguin Mountains has now concluded! This one had seventeen winners, which is more than ever before, across six different continents. Before revealing the winners though, I’d just like to thank everyone for participating – there were hundreds of entries each day, and I hope that the Holiday Giveaway has helped spread some festive joy. πŸŽ„

Now for the big reveal…the winners! Below are the winners of the seven daily prizes:

  • Day 1: Narkosias
  • Day 2: denyoxygen
  • Day 3: Blakeben10
  • Day 4: selawco
  • Day 5: EthanOctipus
  • Day 6: Piglet 678
  • Day 7: cherrypie292

As promised, there are also ten winners of a postcard:

  • Pinklike
  • Super107
  • Amorcito28
  • Greenysiddie
  • Othis11
  • GeorgeNarthe
  • Mooxaxa90
  • Sirtoro
  • beebee15900
  • MilesTails97

Each day had a Bonus Challenge! Although this wasn’t necessary to be entered, it did provide another entry, and most people attempted them. As such, here are the answers for those curious

Day 1: Narkosias

The Bonus Challenge was to select the odd one out between Buoy #8, Fluffy the Fish painting, Jet Pack, and Snow Trekker. Surprisingly, this seemed a lot harder than I expected. The odd one out was the “Jet Pack”, because that’s the only item not contained inside the Lighthouse. (30.2% answered correctly)

Day 2: denyoxygen

The Bonus Challenge was a riddle: “Melting tiles while my fiery black puffle smiles – what mini-game am I?”. With a couple of exceptions, almost everyone said Puffle Rescue or Thin Ice. I did think carefully about allowing the former, but I’m afraid that I just didn’t see it fitting within the “melting” part of the riddle since black puffles only appear underwater there. As such, Thin Ice was the only accepted answer. (83.8% answered correctly)

Day 3: Blakeben10

The Bonus Challenge was to select the odd colour. This was #8; most people who selected this colour correctly identified that it was the only colour of ghost not part of the Candy Hunt at the Halloween Party this year. I was reasonably generous with the reasons, so if you mentioned something to do with ghosts or the Candy Hunt and selected colour #8, you almost certainly got this right. (34.4% answered correctly)

Day 4: selawco

The Bonus Challenge was to identify which room the image above was taken in. It was from the bookshelf in the Book Room (67.7% answered correctly)

Day 5: EthanOctipus

The Bonus Challenge for this day was to figure out which maze could not be completed. Maze C could not be completed. (76.4% answered correctly)

Day 6: Piglet 678

The Bonus Challenge was the word puzzle above. “Mitten” was the correct answer. Technically, “Litter” does work, but I couldn’t find a convincing link to winter with that, so I’m afraid that wasn’t accepted. (48.2% answered correctly)

Day 7: cherrypie292

The word “Glacier” was not contained within the word search. (68.8% answered correctly)

To those who have won a prize – congratulations! You would have received an email from me, so please respond to that within 72 hours or comment below if you can’t find it.

I realise that, although there were ten more winners compared to the previous three years, there will be many people who are disappointed and didn’t win anything. I wish that it would be possible to provide more festive joy, but unfortunately, the cost of international postage just doesn’t allow for that. However, please be assured that the monthly giveaways will still continue, so there are still opportunities in the future. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and restful Christmas though!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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