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Chillin’ in the Club Soundtrack

Last week marked exactly five years since classic Club Penguin closed, and the release of Club Penguin Island – it feels quite remarkable that happened half a decade ago now. As such, for today’s Mountains Monday soundtrack, I’ve decided to pick a potentially nostalgic track titled “Chillin’ in the Club”.

If this sounds familiar, it was the tune which played whenever you opened the Club Penguin Island app! However, I think that it’s also a pleasant track, which I hope you’ll enjoy listening to.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Trevchris007

    Catchy tune. 5 years! Really? I remember that orange popup as if it were yesterday.

    For fun, I’ve been trying to deduce what mascots other than Dot might show. Since Dubstep is chillin’ in the Limo, DJ Maxx might swing by. If no MJ is planned for this year, I dare say the Band will grace us with its presence. If MJ is planned, then I’ll go all out and say Klutzy. After all, what better time to show off his new look than in Hollywood. Finally, Rory might visit during construction.

    Any thoughts? Any intel?

    • Torres 126

      It’s amazing that it’s been five years – I remember the day well too.

      No more information on mascots other than Dot, I’m afraid. those are all very good shouts though – you’re right that the mascots might depend heavily on whether the Music Jam is also planned, but I hadn’t considered Klutzy visiting. It’s definitely possible that he could, especially if the team try to match the number of mascots who visited for the Hollywood Party on classic Club Penguin.

  • Riccowed

    Has it already been 5 years? Wow. Although I wasn’t a big fan of CPI, this track (especially the first 10 seconds) still managed to hit those nostalgic senses! I’ve never listened to this track as is but it’s very beautiful! Those xylophones are a perfect fit!

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